5 Things Only People That Have Kids That Use Up All Their Broadband Will Understand

5 Things Only People That Have Kids That Use Up All Their Broadband Will Understand

5 Things Only People That Have Kids That Use Up All Their Broadband Will Understand.


Firstly, how impossible it is to ground your kids when they never go out? In fact, most kids today would see the chance at staying in as an opportunity to play more games or catch up on their friend's posts will social media.

So how can you possibly give them a consequence that they will understand? Well, if their life is on the internet, banning them from using it can work well. That's right, putting an embargo on broadband access will stop them using social media, online games, and even Netflix. If you want to be mean, you can insist that they read a book!

A TV in every room

Something else that you are probably used to if you have kids and an internet connection is the constant chatter of 3 or 4 different TV shows. Even though you have not provided them a TV in every room, they can access their shows when and where they want to.

This can have its advantages. For example, there are no excuses when you want to watch the football, as they can happily take themselves off and watch their shows in another room.

However, if you were looking for a bit of peace and quiet having a different show or film playing in each part of the house can be super annoying. Remember too that for some unknown reasons; kids seem to object to listening to the audio on their devices through headphones. So you’ll be sure to hear every incredible moment of their TV choices, whether you want to or not.

Swapping your provider

Do you find yourself calling round internet providers to get a better deal for more broadband? Then you probably have kids that are using all your broadband up.

Luckily for you, the broadband market it pretty competitive at them moment. The best deals can be had from some of the newer providers like Fios, which are increasing their coverage of the country all the time. Check your Fios availability on their website to see if it's already available in your area.

A Massive Bill

If you get a whopping internet bill every month despite, ever being able to download anything, then it's likely that your kid's usage is to blame. Don't feel too bad though at least the are gainfully entertained and not running riot on the streets.

Monosyllabic Answers

Are family dinners challenging in your household? Can you only get monosyllabic answers from your kids because they are too busy playing Pokemon Go? Then you probably have some internet addicted kids that are gobbling up all your broadband.

Try putting a mobile device embargo on family time. Watch a movie that everyone will enjoy or allow the kids to pick a series for the family to watch.

You can ever be extra harsh and make them go outside and do 'activities.' But expect to be featured in oodles of selfies to be posted on social media later. Or if that sounds like too much hassle you could always just message them on WhatsApp?

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