The Anatomy Of A Great YouTuber

The Anatomy Of A Great YouTuber

Youtube is one of the single best ways to establish yourself on the internet. As a brand, as an expert, as a person in general. It doesn’t entirely matter what you want to use it for. The anatomy of a Youtuber relies on mastering a few aspects. These aspects contribute to the idea of your videos and make sure they are of the quality necessary to be a success on Youtube. Here’s what you need supporting your ideas.

Find the format that works
We’re not talking about video format, but that is important too. No, right now, we’re talking about the format of your ‘show’. Of what you’re doing. If you have a topic or an idea but you’re not sure how to present it, look at some of the biggest trends on Youtube right now. Keep it regular and scheduled. As you go on, you’ll find yourself naturally developing your own style. It’s not a crime to borrow popular formats until that point.

Produce a quality picture
Now we’ll talk about the video. As for the format, MP4 is considered high quality as well as one of the easiest to work with. Even if you don’t have the means to record in the highest quality, there’s a lot you can do to enhance the visuals of your video. For example, lighting. Good lighting will make any video look a lot better.

Sound matters, too
Invest in a good microphone. People will need to be able to hear what you’re saying. Non-digetic sound is important, too. That is, the sound that doesn’t come from an on-screen source. Good music playing on your videos can add mood or atmosphere, whether it’s for the intro or in the background. Open source music often isn’t very high quality, either. Instead, browse sites like NeoSounds to find the exact tracks that will add a touch of production value to your video.

Getting your community active
Youtube is not all about the videos you produce, either. It’s a tool for communication and delivery of video. So obviously the people on the other side of that process matter as well. Get your community active by providing prompts for them to get involved. It could be a competition for them to win something. It might even be as simple as asking a question in one video then playing off of the answers you get in the next one. A lot of Youtubers are successful because of their ability to connect with their audiences.

Outside Youtube
Take that community involvement outside Youtube, as well. Treat your channel as a brand. The more exposure and awareness you can spread, the better. For example, using social media methods like Twitter and Pinterest. If you’re Youtubing a topic you have some expertise in, a blog on Wordpress can be the place to give more detail for those who want it.

Keep the above tips as a priority and explore your ideas. Remember to keep putting effort in and giving back to the community. Good will is the biggest part of Youtube success.

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