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    Xiaomi launches 360 Degree Rotating Mi Home Smart Camera

    Xiaomi launches 360 Degree Rotating Mi Home Smart Camera

    Xiaomi launches 360 Degree Rotating Mi Home Smart Camera

    Xiaomi has announced a 360 degree rotating Mi Home smart camera in China at a price of RMB 399, which approximately translates to Rs 4,010. This is the newest addition to Xiaomi's existing range of Yi action and surveillance cameras.

    The camera is capable to shot 360° panorama photos along with 85-degree wide angle photos which confirm a wide area to be covered by the camera. It also comes with an aperture of f/1.8.  It is presented in China on July 25 from 10 am onwards.  No info regarding the international release outside China has been confirmed yet. 

    The USP of this camera occurs to be its 360-degree rotation that means user aren’t limited to just one field of view. Needless to say, the camera pairs up with our phone via an app, which user can later use to control the camera from wherever a user may be.

    The camera uses the Ambarella S2LM chip and features full 1080p recording. motion detection and Infrared night vision are a couple of features that this new camera supports. MI Smart Camera is capture video at an extreme resolution of 1920/1280P. Is also feature DSP noise reduction technology.

    In recent times, Xiaomi had announced the successor of its GoPro-like Yi action camera. The Yi Action Camera 2 features improved hardware and is accomplished of shooting 4K videos at 30fps at a price of RMB 1,199 in China.

    Users can twist the device 90-degrees to open it and place the mat inside. Once that's done, the indicator glows. The device starts working the moment it's associated to a power source.

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