This Software Will Control Your Smartphone With Eyes Soon

A software Will Soon Control Smartphone With Eyes

This Software Will Control Your Smartphone With Eyes Soon

A new software is soon likely to hit the market, permitting a user to control smartphone with eyes to open apps, play games, and more. A team of international researchers, including one of Indian origin, are working on a new mobile app that can perfectly detect where people are looking in real time. It’s a move that maybe enable tablets and smartphones to be controlled with eyes.

According to Aditya Khosla, a graduate student at MIT, “It’s still not exact enough to use for consumer applications.” However, Aditya believes that the app’s accuracy will enhance with more data.

In a strength to make eye tracking compact, cheap and precise enough to be involved in smartphones, researchers are crowdsourcing the collection of gaze information and consuming it to teach mobile software how to find out where a person is looking in.

The technology has been costly and has required hardware that has made it complicated to add the capability to gadgets like tablets and phones. It could make eye tracking a lot more extensive and also be helpful as a way to let the user play games or navigate their smartphone without having to tap or swipe. 

To accomplish this, the team of researchers has made an app namely GazeCapture that gathers data about how persons gaze at their smartphones in different environments, particularly outside the boundaries of a lab.

Researchers noted that the users look with the front camera of a smartphone as they were revealed lively dots over a smartphone display. In an effort to make sure whether users were paying attention to the dots or not, researchers have shown them a dot with L or R within it. To give their response, users were asked to tap the right left or side of the screen accordingly.


After complete testing, researchers used the GazeCapture app data to teach the new software called iTracker. The new software can also run on an iPhone.

According to Aditya Khosla, “more than 15, 00 people have used the GazeCapture app so far.  He believes if the researchers can gather data from near about 10,000 people, they would be able to trim down the new applications error rate to half a centimetre, which seems good enough for a range of an eye-tracking software”.

Aditya further added that not only the user can control smartphone with eyes, but the new software can also be helpful in medical diagnosis, especially to diagnose health conditions like schizophrenia and concussions.

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