A Powerful Online Tool for Converting PDF To Excel

A Powerful Online Tool for Converting PDF to Excel

If you ever experienced a deadline on your own skin, you know it’s not pleasant at all. The thing with deadlines is that when you have them, it seems that all things conspire to make your work more difficult. Take document management. 

It is never so complicated as when work needs to be done quickly. For example, did you ever receive a file from your superior you didn’t even know how to edit? Chances are, if you are employed in accounting, bookkeeping, administration, analytics, or any other similar profession, at one point you probably did. And that file was very likely a PDF which was originally a Microsoft Excel document.

Excel is a fantastic program that allows many different operations and calculations to be performed in it, and it definitely deserves its place as an industry standard. The trouble with Excel files begins when they are transferred and shared between computers with different operating systems, for instance from a Mac computer to a Windows one, or vice versa. In these situations users are often unable to view the file properly, and spreadsheet formatting is commonly messed up.

Because of these differences in coding between the world’s most popular operating systems, a universal file format was created that can be viewed exactly the same on every system, and it offers a perfect solution for this particular issue.

The PDF (Portable Document Format), developed by Adobe at the start of the 90’s, is that popular format that can be viewed on any device, regardless of OS, and for this reason all programs of the Microsoft Office suite and many others have an option to save their projects in PDF form. So, if you want to make sure that the person to whom you’ve sent a certain document sees it perfectly, use PDF, and there won’t be any viewing problems whatsoever.

On the other hand, as perfect the PDF is for viewing files on all systems, it has one serious problem - it can’t be edited. All PDF files are read-only files, which means that users will need suitable programs or tools for editing PDFs (more precisely converting them back to their native state).

The tool we are going to cover today is PDFConverter’s Free Online PDF to Excel, an impressive and easy-to-use internet-based apparatus, using which you can convert any PDF file back to Excel in no time.        

PDF Converter Elite Key Features

Create PDF
  • Create PDF from any printable file
  • Print to PDF without having to start the program
  • Create PDF files from 300+ file formats

Native & Scanned PDF
  • Extract the text out of images and scanned PDFs
  • Digitize and archive your paper documents

Convert PDF
  • Turn PDF to editable MS Office file formats
  • Make AutoCAD files out of PDF
  • Convert your PDFs to images            

Everything is done pretty simply, and in three straightforward steps.

The first step is selecting the file from your computer that you wish to convert.

The following action is entering the email address where the link to the converted file will appear.

The third and final stage is clicking on the “Start” button. The average time needed for conversion is about one minute, but it depends on the size of the PDF file. All files and user information are absolutely confidential, and will never be used or sold by the company in any circumstance.

In addition to PDF to Excel, on PDF Converter’s website you can also find free online converters to Word and PowerPoint, and a PDF Creator, if you need to make a PDF file from one of these MS Office file types.

This is all we have prepared for you for this article, and we sincerely hope you’ll give this functional tool a try, and lessen the hassles of everyday work-related stress.

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