Casio Launches New Technology Environment-Friendly Ultra Short-Throw Projector

Casio Launches New Technology Environment-Friendly Ultra Short-Throw Projector

With World Environment Day simply round the corner, Casio India has introduced a new version of its range of eco-friendly LampFree projectors. The new ultra short-throw projector, XJ-UT310WN, is estimated at Rs 1, 49,995 and can be purchased from both offline and online stores. Available in July, the lamp and mercury-free XJ-UT310WN offers the high-brightness performance of 3,100 ANSI lumens, and can also be functioned from various smart devices , for example, tablets and smartphones.

This 3100 lumen Casio projector is an ultra-short throw with a 20,000 hour led/laser light source that is appropriate for conference or classroom room. A single chip DLP projector with WXGA resolution, it can be situated only inches from the screen, either on a table or mounted to the wall directly above.

In April 2010, Casio recognised itself as the manufacturer of the world’s first lamp-free projector, prepared with its exclusive Laser & LED Hybrid Light Source. This groundbreaking technology delivered its users with a high brightness of 2,500 lumens without using a mercury lamp which implies that trouble-free operations as there are no bulbs to be changed from time to time. The energy-saving Laser & LED Hybrid Light Source also led to major savings, both environmentally and financially. Committed to providing the user with highly reliable, energy-saving and environmentally friendly solutions, all Casio projectors have since been furnished with the same lamp and mercury-free light source.  

The new XJ-UT310WN is an Ultra Short-Throw projector that can project a large 80-inch image from a distance as near as 27 centimetres. It is furnished with the latest Laser & LED Hybrid Light Source, which uses a DLP® chip to project the three basic colors of blue, red and green. Red is made with a high-brightness red LED, while blue comes from a blue laser, and green is understood using a fluorescent material that changes blue laser light to green.

XJ-UT310WN projector, according to the company, features "Laser LED Hybrid Light Source" technology and a "mercury free" design. Casio declares the projector uses 50% less electricity and has the standard 3-year warranty on 'Main Projector Unit'. It also approaches with a 5-year or 10,000-hours warranty on the 'Hybrid Laser & LED' light source.

The all-new ultra-short-throw projector highlights 3100 Lumens and can display media content on a surface at WXGA resolution. The device has 2GB of inbuilt storage, is dust resistant, and houses 16W Monaural Speaker. 

Last month, BenQ introduced its W8000 projector with interchangeable lens priced at Rs 2.75 lakh. It is also the company's first to come with interchangeable lens options and is built for custom installation. 

Globally, the projector market has been observing some interesting innovations. China's Shanghai East company just revealed a Laser touch projector which has an ability to turn tables, walls and other things into touchscreens. To sense touch, Laser touch puts out a laser that is parallel with the surface.

In conjunction with the promotion of the XJ-UT310WN, Casio plans to offer users the facility to control the Ultra-Short-Throw projector via their smart devices. Compatible with both Android and iOS-based platform*, this added connectivity and function creates more ease-of-use and adaptability for the user.

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