Now Snapchats Can Swap Faces With Pictures On iOS

Now Snapchats Can Swap Faces With Pictures On iOS

Now Snapchat is allowing anyone face-swap with pictures in their camera roll, changing a feature that had already taken over every social network.The update for the app will allow users to face swap with existing photos saved on their phones. 

Now when a user enters the masking features – long press on a face during the capture process – user will see a second face swap button show up next to the original. The new one is purple and includes a little camera icon to indicate we are swapping with something from our camera roll.

The update will also permit users to replay any snap once for free — an extension of something Snapchat first announced in 2013 that let users replay one snap per day. It's a walk back from a previously paid feature the company presented in late 2015, which allowed three additional replays of individual snaps for $0.99. 

The same update carries with it the removal of Snapchat’s pay-to-replay feature. That allowed people to pay a small price to watch a snap again – but that has now been dropped, in favour of allowing people re-watch just one snap per day.

No word on when the features will reach on Android but Snapchat has a track record of maintaining feature equality; we imagine it won’t be very long.

The original Face Swap feature has already seen many creative uses and the new ability to swap with selfies in our Camera Roll just opens up more opportunities for funny images.

Recently, Snapchat also released a cool update offering a new feature called 3D stickers, which will let users stick an emoji onto moving objects in one’s videos. The update is presented for Android, but, iOS users will have to wait for some time to receive the update.

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