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HP Claims Its New Ultra-Thin Laptop Will Out Innovate Apple

HP Claims Its New Ultra-Thin Laptop Will Out Innovate Apple

HP Claims Its New Laptop Is Innovation Driver

In 2008,  Steve Jobs, incredibly, took out a laptop from a manilla envelope. It was lighter and thinner than any full-fledged laptop at the time. Since then, Apple has made its laptops thinner and stuffed in more processing muscle into them. 

The pattern has been widely imitated by Windows OEMs, and we have achieved a point where one such company, HP, claims it is all set to out-innovate Apple's offering. 

Hewlett-Packard (NYSE:HPQ) plans to overtake Apple as the “driver of innovation,” states Ron Coughlin, president of HP's personal systems group. "HP is really taking over that mantle." 

He said that HP is ready to overtake Apple as the leading global innovator, and one example of this is the company’s new premium laptop that might be revealed on Tuesday. The PC giant considers that its new line of laptops  that will take the company to a new level of design leadership. HP will reveal an ultra-thin laptop at the Versailles’ International Luxury Conference tomorrow.

HP’s new laptop will have a 13.3-inch display and will apparently measure in at under 11mm thick. That is considerably slimmer than Apple’s 12-inch MacBook that measures 13.1mm thick. The company didn’t offer any other details, yet it hinted at a few new innovations that could be included in the upcoming product.  

HP has been one of the handful PC giants to produce thin laptops and focus on the premium outline. The Elitebook Folio, which it revealed at CES earlier this year gained it plenty of commendations. The HP Pavilion 13 x360, HP Envy 13, and HP Pavilion 15 notebooks also impressed many.

During the International Luxury Conference in Versailles, tomorrow HP will launch the new ultra-thin laptop, but it won't be a mass-market product. NPD analyst Stephen Baker told WSJ: "the challenge for doing really, really thin and light products is it's a very, very thin and light segment to go after". All eyes are on you, HP. 

HP also thinks to offer a small number of gold and diamond-crusted versions of the new laptop that will trade for $25,000. All earnings from that device will be donated to charity. No word on pricing for the standard model yet.

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