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5 Apps That Make Business Easier

5 Apps That Make Business Easier

5 Apps That Make Business Easier

Whether you’re a freelancer or the CEO of a startup, there are always a-million-and-one things to get done. 

In the business world, simplifying your daily tasks, your crazy schedule, and managing your expenses and projects can be made easy by using these four apps:

Stack Ai 
Do you manage your important business contacts on spreadsheets or Word documents? Why? Your poor intern is stuck entering in new information from business cards, it doesn’t look organized, and then it’s difficult to locate them, anyway.

Stack Ai helps businesses manage their contact list in an app, and it syncs the company email, calendar, and contact book. You can keep all of your contacts organized neatly in one place so that when you need to search for a specific business associate, it’s quick and easy.

It marks when you met, how recently you were in contact, and it will even send you reminders to follow up. Besides, you have enough on your mind to be thinking about a phone call you should make next week.

If you’re not on an annual salary, you know all too well that keeping track of your freelance gigs can get tough. Finally, there’s an app that helps freelancers manage their finances. Tycoonapp allows you to enter in the name of the job, dates worked, amount earned, and when to expect payment.

Once you receive a payment you can check off the pending job, and you’ll even be notified if you have overdue unpaid jobs. All of your past, present, and future jobs are neatly organized by client and color-coded in a circle graph. Tycoon is available in the iTunes store and GooglePlay, so whether you’re an iPhone or android user, this app will be sure to keep your finances in order.

This little app can save you money in big ways: Concur keeps track of employee travel and expense reports. It’s divided into several categories (travel & expense, trip link, invoice, intelligence, and messaging) so managers and employees can keep track of all their expenses, communicate with travelling personnel, and manage invoices - all in one place.

Concur can be synced across devices, so purchases made via computer or phone are immediately logged into the app. With Concur, keeping track of costs has never been so simple or easy.

Trello is basically the Pinterest of your work-life instead of personal life. On Pinterest you create boards for inspiration: outfit ideas, new recipes, and your dream wedding. But with Trello, you can schedule meetings, make boards for all of your on-going projects, and easily communicate with your team.

Users create boards for upcoming projects and add others to collaborate. Once you publish a board, it’s easy to design cards that describe the requirements for a project, make to-do lists, attach documents, and set a due date. You can also communicate with team members through the app and receive real-time updates on board activity.

Similar to Trello, Asana helps companies keep track of projects and communicate with other team members, but what sets Asana apart is how well it facilitates transparency. Your department will never have another miscommunication because users can see which employees are assigned to a particular project.

Available on both a desktop and mobile devices, this app ensures that everyone knows what they’re supposed to be doing each day. Users scroll through their dashboard to see what other members have posted (no more endless email threads), and they assign tasks to other employees for all to see. With Asana, you’ll never miss a deadline or forget about a project again.

These business apps may not solve all of your problems, but they will certainly make your work life a lot easier. Once you start using these 5 apps, your business will be up and running smoothly in no time.

About The Author:
This article is written by By by Lauren Leonhardt. She is an Social Media writer and working with Fueled.

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