Top Things You Don't Owe Your Boss

Things You Don't Owe Your Boss

Things You Don't Owe Your Boss

Yes, technology has given us many things which once we could only imagine. No one can deny this reality too. In the present world, we live with technology and with every passing day it is getting deeper and deeper into our lifestyle. We had had many bad things also apparently. But, have we ever thought about a different kind of process going on in parallel  which is one of the darkest sides of the technology in our lives.

The basic and general notion that we have in our minds that technology has made our lives easier. The work which used to take a lot of time earlier now can be done in minutes and seconds. Technology has helped  us in cutting a lot of drudgery in our day to day life but if someone says that technology has also made our work day longer it would be an unusual thing to believe.

The typical workday is mostly long enough, and technology is making it even longer. When you do finally get home from a full day at the office, your mobile phone rings off the hook, and emails drop into your inbox from people who expect immediate responses.

A lot of the people claim that they immediately cut off from work after office hour but there are many who checks their emails and reply to phone calls related to work. A lot of people even check such emails and reply to phone calls when they are sick.

 A recent study conducted by American psychological Association found that 50 percent of us check work email before e and after work hours throughout the weekend  and even when we are sick. What makes it worse is that 44 percent check their email on vacations, the time which is supposed to be given to family and friends.

A northern Illinois University study  conducted in these summer shows how bad these kind of connections are.  The study found that the expectation that people need to respond during off hours produce a prolonged stress. This stress is termed as tell pressure. Telepressure  keeps you connected with work even in your off hours and ensures that you will never be relaxed and be truly disengage from work.

The trends which were found are extremely terrible that it is increasing in a lot of cases such pressure has led to divorces and break ups. The most important thing one can do to avoid telepresence is to keep a line between personal and professional life. So it is important to say no to our bosses sometimes because if you are not you are probably losing on to something precious and immeasurable.

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