iPhone Users Reporting Their Phone Devices Crashes On iOS 9.3

iPhone Users Reporting Their Phone Devices Crashes On iOS 9.3

iPhone Users Reporting Their Phone Devices Crashes On iOS 9.3

After updating to iOS 9.3, Apple iPhone 6s and 6s Plus user are encountering issues which lead the device to stop when tapping on links within Safari Browser and other iOS apps and no fix has been recognized by Apple and the crash seems to be permanent. 

The bug has affected some older iPhone and iPad models running iOS 9.3. After installing the OS, users have complained on the Apple Support Forum of suffering a complete device crash opening links on Safari or apps such as Notes, Mail and Messages. Some users on older devices running iOS 9.2.1 have also reported the issue so it doesn’t appear as though it’s particular to one firmware version or device. The company has not yet reacted to the recently reported issues with links. 

Last week iOS 9.3 was launched and the roll out was generally smooth. first impressions were additionally  above average however two or three days after the launch, users of older devices started reporting failures inactivation. This was the first bug iOS 9.3 users faced.  

According to 9to5mac, the issue may also be related to third-party apps that people have installed. Installing certain applications -- including Booking.com, according to that blog -- causes the problem to happen, it reported, and the issue does not go away if the app is then uninstalled or the device is restarted. According to some user turning off JavaScript for Safari causes the problems to go away. Others have said that fixes the problems with links in Safari but not in other apps. 

We've asked Apple what it's doing to address the bug, although at least one user on Apple's forums understands that the company already escalated the issue to its engineers. If so then the user will likely see a fix arrive in the near future. 

"Apple is working extremely hard to release an update to resolve this issue," the company said. Without revealing any further details, the message promised that "this is Apple's No. 1 priority at this time," and a fix should be available "very soon."


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