Android N Vs Marshmallow 6.0 Key Features

Android N Vs Marshmallow 6.0 Key Features

Android N Vs Marshmallow 6.0 Key Features

Today, Google unexpectedly announced the Android N Developer Preview. We can see the changes in Android N vs Android 6.0.1 Marshmallow. So below are some of the best features that we hope to make the differences between the final version of the OS. This is a comparison of Android 6.0.1 Marshmallow Vs the new Android N Developer preview on a Nexus 6, and a Nexus 6P.

Currently, the Android N Beta is only available for the Nexus 5X, Nexus 6, Nexus 6P, Nexus 9, Nexus Player and the Pixel C tablet. 

Multi-window Support

Google has finally delivered multi-window support With Android N. It allows two apps to run on the screen simultaneously and it will work on both tablets and smartphones, and appears to work across all apps. we can see in  Android Marshmallow previews, but it fail to make it to the final version. In Android N, this is a highlight feature that's getting a lot of attention.

Multi-window support works by tapping the square recent apps menu, then sliding any app to the top. User resizes each screen as they see fit and can run two apps at once and better multitask on Android.
Google also states this will allow "Picture-in-Picture" mode for Android TV, which is awesome.

Notification Bar Toggles

Notifications are a more powerful in Android N. multiple notifications from a single app are now combined together, and a user can expand notifications either using the old two finger method, or by pressing on a new arrow button. 

This feature is very useful for apps like Gmail, where the user can not only see that they have several unread emails but also preview each one individually.

Quick Settings

Google's enhanced Quick Settings in Android N. The most notable one is that now the user has access to five settings from the first time user pull down the notifications shade. Google has created a new API that allows developers create their own Quick Settings tiles. In Android N, the settings menu will look a little different, and it's much smarter. The user can easily jump from one settings menu to another with a quick swipe, in spite of  going back and then have to search for it all over again. 

Rather than just the basic settings menu, you can see which WiFi network you are  connected to and how much data has been used, how many apps are installed and more. Instead of going into each setting to see and change it, it's now clearly laid out for users ahead of time. This  will make it much smarter than Android 6.0 Marshmallow.

Android N Data Saver

In Android N, there is a new Data Saver settings option that will be very helpful. Data Saver can be permitted on a per-app basis, which is nice, Data Saver goes even further by telling apps to use fewer data while in the background or foreground. This isn't new, but it's giving app developers more access to refining their apps to use fewer data, not just Android N itself doing all of the work. Meaningless data being used, improved battery life, and more without completely crippling an application from working properly.

Night Mode

In Android N "Night Mode" allow users turn the settings menu dark, rather than bright white, which we saw last year but it was removed before Android Marshmallow was released. 

According to Research, this is better on the eyes and helps users fall to sleep faster at night and many other things.Night Mode has an option to automatically turn on at certain times during the day, instantly lower screen brightness  and it goes one step further and has an option to adjust the color.

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