After Google, Now Baidu Will Soon Test Its Self-Driving Cars In The US

Baidu Will Soon Test Its Self-Driving Cars In The US

Many of the biggest tech companies around the world are working on autonomous car technology as many of them hope to launch commercial model before 2020. Baidu, often referred to as the Google of China, is dealing with its own special self-driving car and the company is going to test its technology in the United States. 

BMW and Baidu announced a partnership to work on self-driving cars, In 2014, saying that two companies hoped to launch a car together before the end of 2015. But this hasn't happened, Baidu said last year that currently it was focused more on helping a driver rather than replacing them entirely.

The company’s chief scientist Andrew Ng has confirmed in an interview that Baidu will be testing its autonomous cars in the US. This is going to be a major step for the company. It’s also advocating for better coordination with the U.S. government which it believes is necessary to put self-driving cars on the road.

Baidu along with other companies like General Motors and Google is also actively inspiring a push for better coordination between autonomous vehicle manufacturers and the U.S. government, saying that it’s compulsory to make small changes to existing infrastructure and controlling obstacles in order to get self-driving cars on the road. The company has recommended a mobile application that would allow construction workers and law implementation to involve with the vehicles, informing them how to navigate road closures or when someone is directing traffic.

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