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Top Latest MobilesTechnology And Their Attractive Features

Top latest mobiles technology and their attractive features

Now mobile technology has been advancing at a rapid speed. Let take a look at some of the newest features ready for your next phone.


Wi-Fi allows using your wireless Network to send and receive VoIP (voice over internet protocol) calls with wireless VoIP phone. Now the latest mobiles phone allows you to place a VoIP call without the aid of a computer. Cell phones have operated on a strict carrier contract basis, but that’s beginning to change with Wi-Fi phones for years. The phone owner may have a carrier and the phone connects to home or office Wi-Fi networks. This makes free from other charges.

Some phones operate strictly on Wi-Fi VoIP network.

Mobile Augmented Reality

It is a term used to describe the use of technology to superimpose images, data or other content over a displayed real life view of the world. Don’t worries; if you are travelling with a new city, this technology help you to tell everything from the history of its construction to visiting hours to restaurant reviews?

Mobile AR will expand rapidly, drive by smart phone apps, then even more rapidly as developers take advantage of AR platform that enable them to embed AR functionality into the broad base of smart phone apps. All of the technology necessary is ready for the market. Expect to see these phon4es of the future sometime soon.

Open source cell phones

A true open source mobile phone could provide many of the services in today’s phones at a fraction of the cost. Software developer tries to create phone software on big name like Google and yahoo which can be used on almost any cell phone. The potential advantage are enhanced features, compatibility and lower cost which build up more option in the marketplace and also helps to buy the phones.

Tactile Feedback            

Apple iPhone, touch screen becomes popular day by day. Many people prefer to have the real buttons of device like blackberry as they can send their text and email frequently from their phone. The physical buttons seem to give better feedback and allow more natural typing. New technology could deliver the best of words by creating a touch screen which feels and reacts when you type.

Bendy screens

For flexible screens many companies are working on it. OLEDS is the innovation inside these bendy
screens. An OLEDS is an organic light emitting diodes which have thin films of organic molecules that produce light when you run an electric current through them. OLEDS makes popular choice as because it have a flexibility which means it has less than a millimetre thick and offering a bright, crisp image with low power consumption.

Near Field Communications

NFC chip have already exit inside some smart phones and they are predicted to get bigger and bigger in the next few years. NFC allows contact less communication between two devices- a bit like Bluetooth, except that you don’t need to programme the devices to ‘speak’ to each other. The short range of NFC chips (about 4 cm) also means they can be used to transmit information securely.


This is a high speed packet access which is based on the old phone. This is supports a theoretical peak download throughout of 168Mbps.this may sound pretty fast, but in practice the protocol delivers data speeds just marginally faster than 3G, and average download speeds of approximately 3 to 5Mbps.

Retina Display

The Apple companies use the Retina Displays in its latest iPhone. An iPhone is uses this phrases for
marketing. The iPhone supports sports LCD screens with minimum resolution of 326 pixels per inch (PPI).

Fingerprint Scanning

It is popularised for Apple iPhone which is scanning for unlocking the phone but it’s made its way into smart phone since. With some manufacturers, the feature doesn’t always work on the first scan.

Heart – Rate Monitor

Samsung galaxy S5 have the features of LED heart rate monitor for the first times in smart phone. It is also present in Samsung phones like Note 5 series, Galaxy Alpha and Galaxy S6 family as well as many smart watches.

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