Tesla Hopeful Of Profit With Its Upcoming Model

Tesla Hopeful Of Profit With Its Upcoming Model

American Electric car manufacturer Tesla has revealed that it is going to launch the next model 3 in the series of luxuriant electric cars on March 31st. The model to be available for sale from 2017. Tesla is a Public company and has been going through losses in the last three consecutive quarters. The company gained a huge response when it launched its first model Tesla Roadster in 2013. The roaster is a fully electric sports car, following its launch the company recorded profit for the first time in the history.

The company is hopeful to make the profit by the fourth quarter of 2016 with the new model 3. The point worth paying attention is that upcoming model is priced at a reasonable cost of $35000, unlike its previous model X.   Tesla’s Global Model S sales passed the 100,000 unit milestone in December 2015, three and a half years after its introduction. As of December 2015, the Model S ranks as the world's second best-selling plug-in car in history after the Nissan Leaf. 

Tesla also markets electric powertrain components, including lithium-ion battery packs, to automakers including Daimler and Toyota.

In a letter released by the company to its shareholders that the company will be producing 1000 cars per week by the end of June. Tesla also said it generated $179 million in positive cash flow at the end of 2015, a key milestone that shows Tesla gradually weaning itself off external financing.

The interesting price is expected to attract a lot of car lovers as the company hasn’t compromised with the quality and features.

It is expected that with the upcoming model, Tesla will be able to revive its profit by the end of this year. To know more about the electric beast car lovers will have to wait until the end of March.

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