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Back in October of 2015, Apple releases so long awaited hardware latest update on the Apple TV — and with, shining new Apple TV remote. You can speak to the remote issue voice command (“Siri, play Pitch Perfect 2. Yes, again. Don’t judge me, Siri. You don’t know me.”) And riffle everywhere a built-in trackpad for quicker navigating.

But from a longtime Apple TV user, something noticed that quickly: Apple’s Remote app is for the iPhone, which allows us to control the Apple TV with our iPhones when the remote was not handy, was not keep up with the new feature set. Basic function (like using iPhone as the keyboard) works — but all the nifty latest stuff was missed. Apple aimed to keep the even smaller of details under the lock and key. Between that and opening up iOS betas to the publically, it is as anyone at Apple said “Maybe… maybe we do not have to quite so secretive…”
Apple is doing great in updating the Remote App for iPhone so it will have the similar functions as standalone Apple TV remote control. The tips were released from two of the Apple executives John Gruber’s tech podcast the same week. Apple's Senior Vice President Internet Software, Eddy Cue, and Senior Vice President Software Engineering, Craig Federighi, said they have expected the latest app to be prepared in some of the months. “they cannot release this for three months,” the dual joked after the disclosing of information.

The latest update will give the app as the capacity of to dual as a second gaming controller.  “The latest remote app will have all the ability that latest existed apple remote does,” Cue clarified. This clearly means the update will release the app access to Siri voice command and trackpad gesture. “You will have the trackpad for the function of will be able to do that with iPhone. It is a full replacement,” Federighi said.

It is secret if all these new features are going to be rolled out in an update for Apple’s current Remote App or if it will be an entirely latest app for Apple TV because Cue and Federighi did specifically said: “the new remote app” rather than remote app update. Apple had just released a brand latest remote control along with the coming-gen Apple TV in October, but currently existing Remote App do not update along with the Apple TV. Currently, the latest app only has basic Apple TV control specifications likeable to type on the keyboard.

Jimmy Fallon currently pointed on obvious downside of the latest Apple TV remote during his weekly Friday night Tonight Show ‘Thank You Notes’ skit.

“Thank you, latest Apple TV Remote, for being thinnest, sleeker, even best than getting lost in my own couch somewhere, “According to Fallon. “We are trapped looking whatever shows it is,” he added. The latest app with more working interface will give users that they have agonized this subject some main relief.

Scroll to 22 minutes on John Gruber’s podcast to listen to Cue and Federighi’s full discussion. There is no release date for the latest update, possibly latest app, has been confirmed.

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