Apps That Don’t Exhaust Your Wallet

Apps That Don’t Exhaust Your Wallet

It’s safe to say that apps are the epicenter of mobile prominence. They come in great variety and ensure from leisure and entertainment to business and travel. 

But did you know that they can also save you bundles of money?

When was the last time you did the entirety of your shopping at a grocery or local supermarket? The truth is that we process many things electronically, shopping being the heart of it all. As consumers, we’ve shifted a good portion of our purchasing power towards the digital market. Just as a non-wealthy reasonable buyer would seek discounts and other benefits with every purchase, he/she looks for similar bonuses on the internet. Here are some apps that don’t exhaust your wallet.

Find the best match for the item you want! Pricegrabber makes your life simpler. All you have to do is input the product name into its search query. From there you’ll be presented with list of price ranges for what you want to purchase. You can also scan the product barcode to check its costs and obtain a “Bottom Line Price” which includes tax and shipping.

Red Laser
Wouldn’t it be great if there was someone or something to advise you on your purchases, holding out a “yield” sign or slapping your wrist whenever you’re in danger of overpaying? Before Red Laser, a financial advisor would have to be by your side at all times to facilitate this. This app turns your camera into a barcode scanner. Snap a barcode shot and it’ll check for prices both on the internet and in stores nearby.  Never worry about overpaying again with Red Laser.

Make rebates more readily accessible now! Ebates is an app that encompasses digital rebates. Purchase from select participating retailers to earn coupons and get the inside scoop on special deals. Ebates’ history dates back to 1998, and it is the old man mountain of its trade.

Why just opt with spending less when you can save as well? This app lets you kill two birds with one stone. With SavedPlus you can always keep a wad of cash in reserve while you prowl the web for your next purchase. Link your credit/debit info to your account and from there you alone determine how much you want to save with every shopping transaction. It’s reported that users save $600 on average monthly.

If rebates aren’t good enough for you, you can now obtain special rewards (the “kick” in ShopKick) by skimming through catalogues and participating in paid surveys. This investment can be cashed in for discounts and gift cards.

Countless things siphon the life out of our wallets and leave us with the surreal dismay that follows blissful shopping. This no longer has to be the case on mobile. With these apps and some others, shopping is more cautious in its short term approach but more pleasant to your bank account in the long run instead of the other way around.

About The Author:
This article is written by By Li Huang. He is an Social Media writer and working with Fueled.

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