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    Google Unveiled Material Design Lite (MDL) For Web Developers

    Google Unveiled Material Design Lite (MDL) For Web Developers.

    Material Design Lite (MDL) is a framework introduced by Google. MDL will help developers to look websites more like Android Apps and rich user interfaces.

    Google says MDL is a kind of integration framework and can be used with any front end development platform or module. MDL’s Gzipped code (gzip is a file format and a software application used for file compression and decompression created by GNU Project) is just 27kb. So it is very light and easy to integrate with any web designing platform developer want to use.

    MDL is available on Google’s content delivery network, Getmdl.io and you can also access it from Github. It is Google’s effort towards good and beautiful design across all kind of devices. MDL is an independent library of components & templates built in CSS, HTML & JS. MDL makes it easy to add a good looking design and feel to your websites.

    MDL consists of rich set of components including design spinners, text-fields, buttons, tooltips and many more. MDL sources are written in Saas using BEM. MDL works in almost all the modern browsers including Chrome, Firefox, Opera and Safari.

    It is no doubt that now Google is moving step ahead of web platform too. It is like taking over other brands on web arena.

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