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    FamilyTime Review – Everything You Want in a Parental App

    FamilyTime Review –Everything You Want in a Parental App!

    Nowadays parents are really concerned about their child’s online and offline lives, because they are more prone to danger and can get themselves into trouble easily. 

    But they think that they are too smart and can do nothing wrong, but parents know better than to keep their eyes shut. You have to admit that teens do out smart us a lot of times, because many parents still use the old-school ways of keeping an eye on their children. Well guess what, they can’t anymore!

    A lot of parental apps are available which offer different features, but each lacks in some aspect.  But a lot of parents prefer FamilyTime. This parental monitoring app has some interesting features to offer. I tried this app myself and here’s my FamilyTime review:

    An overview of FamilyTime
    FamilyTime is a parental control app which lets parents monitor their child’s online and offline activities. This app is free for parents and gives a 7-day free Premium trial when they add child profile(s). Even after the trial is over, the app is really cost efficient. Parents and children have different dashboards; parents can access their dashboard from their smartphones and laptops both. From a single dashboard, they can view their teen’s profile, can add as many family members as they want. Moreover, they can set different parental controls for every profile!

    Sign up in a single step and activate!
    Parents can either register on the website or download the app directly from their phone.  After making a parent account, they can login and add their kid’s profile. After installing the child app on your child’s phone, a code will be received which has to be entered in the child’s app to activate. For every profile added the subscription charges have to be paid separately. But even then,it won’t cause a dent on your budget.

    Specs and features
    When we talk about features and specifications, this app has so much to offer!This app has a wide range of location and web monitoring features. It not only gives you the location of your child but it also gives you the time and date stamps of every location visited. It lets you monitor your child’s phone usage and allows you to limit it. Some of the features in detail are:

    Filter contacts and view call logs
    FamilyTime lets you view your child’s contacts the same way they appear on their phones, along with any email address associated to that number. It also lets you view their call logs to see who and how often they contact a specific number along with the time duration.
    You can add a suspicious number to your Watchlist and get alerts every time your child contacts it. It updates parents every time their child adds a new contact.

    Monitor installed apps 
    FamilyTime lets you monitor all the applications installed in your child’s smartphone or tablet. You can identify any inappropriate apps your teen is using and Blacklist it. This way, they will not be able to use any adult or unsuitable app. Also by looking at app usage frequency you can view which app your teen views the most.

    Location and Geo-fencing
    Don’t want your adventurous teens to get into trouble? Well FamilyTime lets you keep an eye on the whereabouts of your teens along with providing you their location and date stamps. Don’t want him to go to that notorious pub or want to know when he gets to and leave school? Simply Geo-fence the address and get alerts every time he enters and exists the location.

    Other features include: 
    PickMeUp  alerts
    SOS alerts
    Locking your child’s phone in case of theft
    Ability to view your child’s web history and bookmarks

    The best part is that, FamilyTime is compatible with and available for free on all Android’s and iPhones.

    FamilyTime: The future of parental controls
    FamilyTime can be a life savior for parents who are out of town too often or want to take every step to ensure their child’s safety. The best features of this app are location tracking, mobile lock and app blocking. These, along with many other features and the growth in its popularity, suggest that FamilyTime is the future of parental control apps!

    If you have any questions and feedback on my FamilyTime review please comment below. Happy parenting!

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