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    Facebook Lite Is Coming Specially For 2G Network In Android Devices

    Facebook Lite Is Coming Specially For 2G Network In Android Devices.

    The lite version just takes up 435 kb of storage. It Installs more Quickly and consumes up less room than a general variant, it can work with 2G system & with a certain rate. The App can be bolstered with all android variants. 

    It is formally taken off on June 4, Facebook Lite had Already been taken off in nations Across Europe,  In the weeks since it debut, Facebook lite application has been fanning out to parts of Latin america & Africa on Monday it had got to be accessible in India & Philippines.

    Official android application was offered by Facebook ,so why the requirement for a lite form ?

    The authority Facebook application takes up around 30Mb of capacity and requires facebook at present has more than 125 million clients in India, Facebook item through Vijay shankar told technology site TechinAsia, and 90 percent of those clients get to the informal community through Mobile 4G systems are produced in US & other Developed areas & still 2G Networks are still prevalent crosswise over numerous parts of the world

    Facebook Lite dispatched before in the year in testing mode to such nations as Bangladesh, Vietnam, Nigeria, Nepal, South Africa, Sudan, Sri Lanka and Zimbabwe. In any case, the application didn't formally hit Google Play until this month. Despite the fact that designed for individuals in developing markets, the application can be utilized by anybody with an Android.

    Facebook Lite is:

    • Fast to install – the app is less than 1MB
    • Quick to load
    • Efficient with data
    • Designed for 2G networks and areas with limited network connectivity

    Android 2.2 or higher

    Download Facebok lite from Google Play

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