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    Which One is More Worthy To Buy Samsung Galaxy S6 Or HTC One M9?

    Which One is More Worthy To Buy Samsung Galaxy S6 Or HTC One M9? 

    In recent times people like to buy Smartphone as it gives you an advanced and superior quality of operating system. 

    Thus your necessity of web browsing can be satisfied aptly with it. Among the current popular list of Android phones users are instantly opting for Samsung Galaxy S6 or HTC One M9 due to their magnificent styles and brilliant features. Both of them are highly determined to upgrade your life. Their individual features will guide you to choose between them.

    Salient Characteristics of both the Phones:- 
    Samsung Galaxy S6 is a popular product manufactured by Samsung and HTC One is also a demanding product manufactured by HTC. There are some similarities as well as differences in their features.

    Elegant dimension and weight– 
    It is well-known that both HTC and Samsung do not allow a mini size or dimension; they represent grand sizeto elevate your high profile. The specific dimension of Samsung Galaxy S6 is 143.4x70.5x6.8 mm and that of HTC One M9 is 144.6x69.7x9.61 mm. Again the weight for Samsung Galaxy is 138g while the HTC phone is quite heavy weighing 157g.

    Processor – 
    This is an important factor for any multimedia device as it deals with its performance. Samsung S6 presents 8-core 2100 MHz hardcore processor while HTC One M9 consists 8-core 2000 MHz. But both of them belong to ARM Cortex A57 and ARM Cortex A53 with 64 bit.

    Operating System – 
    Their performance greatly varies due to the presence of different OS. For Samsung S6 it is Android 5.0 featured with Touchwiz UI while HTC One M9 has also Android 5.0 but with the feature of HTC Sense 7.0 UI.

    Memory Storage – 
    Both these high quality Smartphone have the system memory of 3072 MB RAM. But they differ massively in built-in storage. For HTC it is 32 GB but for Galaxy set it is 128 GB.

    Quality of camera – 
    Camera is an important factor to value the proper worth. Each contains both primary and secondary camera but differs in quality and performance. Galaxy S6 has a primary camera of 16 MP and secondary camera of 5 MP. However HTC is ahead in case of camera as its primary camera is of 20 MP and its secondary camera is of 4MP.

    Battery connectivity – 
    The charm of Smartphonewill vanish if it fails to provide you a proper battery support service. However both the Android phones are different in their nature of battery connectivity. If the internal battery capacity for Samsung S6 is 2500 mAh with a built in wireless charging and that of for HTC one M9 is 2840mAh.

    Samsung Galaxy S6 or HTC One M9 is one of the most current hot debates because both of them vary a little. But that slight distinction in their features will help to you to purchase the right Smartphone for you.Both Samsung and HTC are different in their hardware, display resolution, connectivity, user interface and performance as a whole. But both of them are unique in their style.

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