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    Gaana.com Hacked, Hacker Got The Job Offer By CEO

    Gaana.com Hacked, Hacker Got The Job Offer By CEO.

    Yesterday, Gaana.com was hacked over 10 Million registered users databse was compromised - Hacker called name Mak Man gives details on his Facebook page.

    Mak Man found SQL injection vulnerability in Gaana.com and posted screenshot of SQL exploit. Mak Man said that he reported the vulnerability by providing full details of the flaw to Gaana.com before. However, the company didn’t respond to his report and ignored, which results in the breach of innocent users personal information. But Company ignored his reported vulnerability.

    Company CEO Satyan Ganjwani said,
    "I don't think your intention is to expose personal information about Gaana users, but to highlight a vulnerability," Gajwani added. "Consider it highlighted, and we're 100% on it. Can I request that you take down access to the data, and delete it completely?"

    Ganjwani replied on the hacker Mak Man Facebook page,
    "First of all, I'd like to apologize personally if you had shared these reports and we didn't respond earlier. Totally unacceptable by us, and I'm looking into it."

    "And finally, if possible, I'd appreciate if we could hire you as a consultant to help us find any more vulnerabilities across our network, so that we can keep our products as secure as possible. If you're interested, message me directly, as I'd be very grateful for your advice," Gajwani said.

    Now the site is live.

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