So You Wish To View Free Movies On Android Phones?

So You Wish To View Free Movies On Android Phones?

Is it at all possible? The answer is yes though every method stresses the illegality of it all. Well, if millions are doing it in the world over, does it still remain illegal? Reminds of piracy no doubt. Millions do benefit from piracy of books, music and movies on the streets. 

Computer software too. While they are not exactly free, they cost a fraction of what the original would have cost. The parallel world of pirated goods need a different nomenclature when they seem to be legitimate for the people concerned who make a living out of it and those who buy them to generate incomes too.
Come to think of it, many people refuse to believe that you can actually download free movies on Android phones, maybe put off by that supposed illegality. If you want to watch movies legitimately, you need to rent movies from the Android Market, searching by title or category. The movie file may be stored for the period of the rental in the phone or streamed from the computer.
Yet we would all prefer to watch the movies free since everyone seems to be doing that! Crackle is the most popular app that enables you to view Hollywood movies and television shows too. Crackle seems to be quite legal too.Pineapple Express and Resident Evil are all yours and many more. So you download the app and that is it. You get the benefit of immensely popular television shows too.


Hulu is one of the best app that came up rather recently with streaming services to Android. The benefit is the same like in Crackle app of android. You get to watch the best movies and television shows on tablets and smartphones without any payment involved. Quite customer friendly, isn’t it?


SPB TV, the Android based app offers programs from across the world through some strange online stations so you need to tune it unlike the selection of movies. It works like the television stations with the set of controls. The limitations are that you don’t get to watch the Hollywood blockbusters but it would be worth the try, especially since they claim to have 15 million users already. Though free, you would be paying the internet charges to the service provider. You can also  watch free films on iphone and android using this app.

LiveNow :

LiveNow!TV too offers an astounding range of 200 channels but they must be country specific in the sense that you get to access US channels only if you reside within the country. You may not find everything you might be looking for by way of blockbusters but Kung Fu is available. Though you cannot compare it to Netflix, the streaming works rather well. Besides, don’t ever forget that it is all coming for free!
So far we have dwelt on apps that work worldwide though with regional variations, subject to local systems though ways are being found to dodge restrictions. Among the programs now available on Android are iPlayer, ITV Player, 4oD and Demand 5. In the UK, they are great ways to catch up with BBC productions and movies too. Though they do not belong to the top categories and have a lot of catching up to do, they help you watch a lot of good TV programs and movies too with the hope that services would improve with time.

About The Author:
This guest post is written by Prerna Puri. She likes to write about Social Media and gadgets.

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