Here’s What The HTC Desire Eye Cameras Can Do

Here’s what the HTC Desire Eye cameras can do

In the huge and constantly growing world of smart gadgets, the tech majors are busy churning out as many innovative devices as possible. Gadgets nowadays are just not mere devices, but technological wonders that are capable of mesmerizing you with innovative features and stunning capabilities. 

The present time is surely the heaven for the tech geeks who love to play with the latest gadgets that the global tech majors are only too happy to churn out. One such device among the uncountable multitudes of the modern gadgets is the new HTC Desire EYE.

The Taiwanese mobile major HTC had had its share of struggling in the very congested mobile market of the world. However, the company has pulled it out of its distressed condition with its very worthy ‘One’ range of smartphones. HTC managed to charm the smartphone users with the great design and built of the HTC One which was followed by the One M8. These smartphones are not only great lookers, but superb performers as well. And these also came along with the very important feature of all the modern mobile phones, great cameras.

HTC surely managed to get back in the limelight and grab some good amount of attention with its cool, high quality mobile phones along with their great snappers in place. The Taiwanese mobile maker made a statement with the capabilities of its devices and showed that it is capable of offering nicer devices in the future. Thus, the company is still proving itself and keeping up to the expectations that it created for itself.

Thus, came out the new HTC Desire EYE along with great cameras to make all the photography lovers happy. The HTC M8 had charmed us all with its capable ultra-pixels. However, the standard megapixels are back in action and are doing a great job with stunning pictures to suite all eyes. The latest industry standard 13 MP cameras are great hits with the consumers.

What HTC did is more noteworthy, especially in the present time when the selfies are extremely popular. HTC has packed a good 13 MP camera at the rear of the HTC Desire EYE for superb clear pictures, be it of your loved ones, that precious family picture or some lovely snaps of a gorgeous locale, this camera is meant for all. However, the greater surprise is the equally capable front camera which also packs in a 13 MP sensor, which is a delight for all the selfie lovers. This means both the cameras on the device are primary cameras with equal capabilities. While one is meant for general photo shooting, the second one is dedicated to offer great selfies, selfie videos and video chats.
Let us find out how the HTC Desire EYE’s great 13 MP cameras perform in real life conditions.

We got our hands on the cool and stylish HTC Desire EYE and decided to try its cameras for ourselves. It took some time to get hang of the device’s main camera, as we kept on forgetting the positioning of the rear camera while taking the snaps. As a result we got many pictures with the image of our fingers in them. The rear camera of the device in placed on the extreme upper corner that made us hold it in such an angle and our fingers ended up blocking the viewfinder quite repeatedly. However, once we got the hang of it we started taking a number of shots of an array of things.

Rear camera imaging capabilities
After using it for quite a while, we found out that the HTC Desire EYE’s 13 MP rear camera is capable of offering very clear and crisp still images. The pictures’ colors are rich and vibrant and very precisely match the colors of the real objects. The camera on the HTC Desire EYE is definitely more capable than that of the HTC One E8. However, there were some blurry images as well. These rather exceptions were basically the result of focusing on some very distance objects rather than the closer things.

The HTC Desire EYE’s rear camera offered the best and brightest pictures in the bright light conditions. The images taken in low light condition without the flash were also pretty good, but not terrific.

Front camera selfie capabilities
One of the key USPs of the HTC Desire EYE is the huge 13MP front facing camera meant for the selfie aficionados. In this field also the HTC device does an impressive job in providing crystal clear selfies with great detailing. Moreover, the high resolution front camera of the HTC Desire EYE comes really handy in great offering great video chats and Skype calls. The great selfie camera is certainly one of the noteworthy things that the HTC Desire EYE comes packed with, and it simply does a great job.

Video shooting capabilities
When it comes to the overall video qualities of the HTC Desire EYE, it seems that the cameras don’t offer the same high quality as compared to that of the still images. The Desire EYE shot good videos with nice and pretty precise color reproduction and clearness as well. However, the problem seems to be the stability of the videos, and they also did not seem to be as smooth as compared against the other similar mobile cameras of the recent times. Some unexpected vibrations in videos also disappointed.
However, on the up side in general, the videos were pretty clear and bright.

Final words
It can be safely said that both the cameras on the new HTC Desire EYE offer great still pictures that are impressive. However, these cameras are also not perfect, nor are they exceptional in quality. Nevertheless, they are both very functional and reasonable. And the fact that is really noteworthy is that the HTC Desire EYE comes with a great 13MP front camera along with flash. This can surely make you click on a series of selfies even if you are not a selfie lover.

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