3 Ways To Keep In Shape Without Leaving Your Desk

3 Ways to Keep in Shape Without Leaving Your Desk

The dangers of an overly sedentary lifestyle are quite well known today. Unfortunately, not everyone has the time, or the energy to exercise every day after work. Fortunately here are three great ways you can keep in shape without ever having to move from your desk.

1. Fidgeting
Fidgeting is actually a fairly underrated method of burning calories. Almost everyone has met a person that seems to eat all the time and never gain weight. Some of these people have the kinds of nervous habits that keep parts of the body in motion for long periods of time, such as foot tapping. Over the course of a day, people that have these kinds of habits can burn hundreds of calories. Fidgeting is no substitute for aerobic exercise, of course, but it is a way to make sitting more active.

One of the benefits of fidgeting is that it can be done while a person is working. People don't have to take time out of their working days to fidget: they can tap their feet as they work. They may be able to energize themselves in the process. Fidgeting, incidentally, is also free. All people have to do is change their habits.

2. Miniature Exercise Machines

A growing industry is the under-the-desk exercise machine.  These are small devices can be conspicuously placed and operated within one’s workspace.  These awesome little machines keep you active without making you sweat, so you can prepare for the afternoon meeting while burning some bonus calories. 
Best of all, many of these machines such as the Cubii (coming out in 2015), have a mobile app for your Iphone or Android that keeps track of your progress such as calories burnt.  If someone else within your office has the same device you do, Cubii has a social network built within to it’s app, so you can bond with your coworkers, also without leaving your desk.

3. Sit Up Straight

It can be so easy to slouch at your desk and not even know it, but sitting up straight with proper posture will actually help keep you in good shape.  It may not be the most calorie burning method, but it definitely helps.  It will also help your back feel better in the long run, meaning you don’t just burn calories, but help your bones and muscles as well.
Best of all, sitting up straight is easier to practice then fidgeting (just use your chair) and cheaper than an exercise machine. 

Staying active is not easy. Often it’s great to just come home after work, kick off your shoes and turn on the TV.  But incorporating a little physical activity into your daily work-life, means you can do that (every-so-often) and feel less guilty about not going to the gym. 

There are more things everyone can do, but start with these, and grow from there. 

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This article is written by Jason Edelman , He is working with Fueled

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