How To Have The Best Home Entertainment Experience

How To Have The Best Home Entertainment Experience 

Setting up your home theater needn't take much time or money. By following a few simple steps, though, you can have a sweet theater experience that will be the envy of your friends at your next football party or holiday gathering.

What to Include in Your Home Theater
Today’s affordable technology allows enthusiasts to enjoy the true movie theater experience from the comfort of their own homes. However, simply having an HDTV and great set of speakers don't guarantee you will have the best viewing options. There are many factors to consider from how much space you have to work with to how much you can afford to buy. Your home theater should include:

•  Television: 
If you are buying a new television, any regular television won’t do. You want a TV that comes with the latest smart features such as Wi-Fi connectivity and built-in Internet streaming. Consider purchasing a 4K TV, also known as Ultra HD, can work because it delivers up to four times as many details at 1080p Full HD. Samsung’s 4K TV is one of the most popular brands of Ultra HD TVs available, and it offers one of the largest screens (85 inches) made. It also has vivid colors, a flawless picture and fluid motion, which is great for playing video games, watching sports or general viewing. Samsung is taking the lead on smart home initiatives with new patents and cutting-edge technology.

•  Projectors and Projector Screens:

For the ultimate at home big screen experience, you need to get a projector and screen combo to capture that truly immersive cinematic experience. You can get a set up that gives you a huge display without breaking the bank. If you get a 120 inch projector screen the display area would be 4x as large as a 60 inch flatscreen TV.  To have the absolute best home entertainment experience you need to invest in a quality projector and screen. Similarly to a regular television, you want to get a UHD projector that gives you a 4K resolution image. Just make sure you also get a cinema screen surface that is textureless so it can fully render 4K picture. Anything less and you’re not getting the most out of your 4K video projector.

•  Receiver and Speakers:
While opting for cheap speakers may sound great for your budget, they won’t do much for your home theater. If you are already spending the money on audio and video components, don’t skimp on the speakers. There are many choices available, so try to listen to the speakers in the store before purchasing. If you are purchasing them online, ask about getting an extended tryout period. While you’re at it, make sure you understand how to set up the speakers in your room. Most home theater receivers come with instructions to help you find the prime listening positions within the room.

• Cables:
You will need quite a few cables to get all your components connected. For the most part, you will need some cheap HDMI cables to connect your picture and sound. For about $5, you can get a decent cable. However, it does matter what type of speaker cables you use. The better the cable, the better your speakers will sound.

Setting Up Your Home Theater
The best equipment in the world isn’t worth much if it isn’t set up properly. Besides reading each component’s manual,  you will want to figure out exactly how far away your television is from the seats in the viewing area. An online viewing distance calculator can help you not only determine screen size, but also where your guests should sit to get the best viewing experience. Being too far or too close will affect the quality of what you and your guests are watching or playing.

Another point to consider when setting up your home theater is where the windows in the room are located. Natural sunlight shining in a room can make the picture on a screen harder to see so make sure it shining directly onto your screen when you plan on watching.

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