Affordable Gadgets And Top Apps For Back To School

With summer coming to a close and fall nearly here, a new school year is once again upon us. For returning students, this means it's time to start gathering everything that they need to prepare for the upcoming semester. This includes the basics – pencils and notepads are always a good idea, even if you're a laptop person – and less obvious but no less vital options, such as gadgets, smartphones, apps and other technological aids. Remember, only if you have the right tools by your side can you expect to succeed.

The gadgets and apps below are terrific options for the returning student. They are powerful, helpful, effective and, perhaps most importantly, affordable. For the student on a budget (and aren't we all?), these options can't be beat.

Google Education App Suite

Google's full suite of education apps can't be beat in terms of usefulness for the money. And that is because these apps are completely free. This suite of apps, which includes Google Docs, Google Slides, Google Sheets, and Google Calendar, can greatly aid in your productivity and ability to create and document on the move, from any device, at any time. Cloud-based, there's no need to worry about internal storage on your device of choice, nor whether or not you'll have access to the document you need. With Google Drive, you can store all of your documents in one decentralized location – store your documents everywhere, yet be able to access them anywhere.

Samsung Galaxy

Though the Samsung Galaxy S4 isn't the most current device in the Galaxy line of products, it is still an impressively capable tool. And with the Galaxy S5's launch, it is now incredibly affordable, too. Combine these features with the incredible service plans available from T-Mobile for the S4 (the most affordable in the market, in fact), and the Galaxy S4 suddenly becomes a very attractive option, even in the presence of its newer siblings. If you're in the market for a new smartphone – because you need to replace an old one or because you're coming into the marketplace for the first time – you'll find that the Samsung Galaxy S4 offers everything that you need: sharp screen resolution, an intuitive and powerful OS, a range of apps through Google Play, and plenty of computing power.

Jawbone Up

Going back to school can make it difficult to keep up with your fitness and diet regimen. With the Jawbone Up wearable tracking device, you can keep track of your physical activity on the go, allowing you to adjust your daily routine as needed to stay healthy. There will be distractions everywhere – chips, cookies and fast-food restaurants abound on and near college campuses, remember – but with the Jawbone Up, you can stem the tide of these intrusions. Stylish, unobtrusive and affordable, wear the Jawbone Up on your wrist throughout your day; doing so will allow you to track everything from food and drink intake to sleep and activity. Then log on to your account and access the Insight Engine for detailed analytics. It's powerful and intuitive. Did we mention it's stylish and unobtrusive too?

Logitech Wireless Keyboard

If you're like most college students, part of your “everyday carry” is a tablet of some sort. To get the most use of your tablet, you're going to want a physical keyboard. Why? Well, put in plain terms, the built-in touch-face keyboards that your tablets come with simply can't compare to a physical device that you can interact with by feel. With a wireless keyboard, like those available from Logitech, you can unlock your tablet's true potential. In fact, you might even find that it can serve as a replacement for a laptop, particularly if your computing needs are relatively basic. Don't be that person who tries to type on a tablet using the touch-face digital keyboard – it just doesn't work.

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