Google Unveil Android Platforms For Cars And Smart Watches In I/O 2014 Event

Google Unveil Android Platforms For Cars And Smart Watches In Google I/O 2014 Event.

Google I/O Conference event is organized by Google at every year in San Francisco. Its a two days conference this year its held on 25-26 June 2014. I/O stands for input/output and innovation in the open. Google launched Smart watches LG , Smart Gear and Moto 360 models in the event.

Both watches will be voice activated and available for order in Google Play Store. While round face Motorola classic watch will release in this summer later.

Google also working on heart rate monitors and pedometers in Android platform.

Android Auto
Android Auto is completely voice enabled devices. Its help to driver for safe and smart driving. Android Auto will release this year with 40 automobile companies partners including Porsche and Hyundai. 
Android Auto supports Google Maps and it will direct by voice commands. Users can play music without touch any button. You can also use apps like Songza, Pandora and other radio and music streaming apps for Google play store for Android Auto. 

Google Fit
Google also launch Google Fit, its an multi OS API apps and devices for your fitness. Nike and Adidas are becoming partners of Google Fit.

Android TV

Google also add Android TV in the conference all the entertainment like YouTube, Gaming has featured in Android TV. In this TV you can do remote control with your Smart watches and Phone its a first TV ever which can control with these devices. Sony and Sharp are developing Android powered TVs and set top boxes which will launch by 2015 according in announcement at I/O event.
Android TV isn't new, Onida has already launched Android Smart Led TV in India

Google also announced that they are working on low cost smartphones called Android One. All over Google is hardly working on Android platform to make our life easier.

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