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Clash Of The Toilers-The Austere Yet Useful Moto-E Vs Samsung Phones In India

A lot of entrants have tried to establish a firm foothold in the mobile phone market catering to the middle range, i.e. ranging from five to ten grand. Volume of buyers is the highest for this range, with most youngsters as well as utility focusing users having a budget along these lines. Samsung, which has been cooking up a storm with the amount, variety and the way in which new models are being launched by them these days, has an assortment of models lined up to attract the buyers in this field. 

Giving stiff competition to Samsung is Motorola, who after going through a severe lean patch is ready for another foray into the market. The approach this time is rejuvenating, with its focus on catering to the prime needs of the users, it has decided to launch one of the best phones in its arsenal, the Moto E.

Motorola has come out all guns blazing with the Moto E and filled it with amazing hardware specs, yet managing to keep the costs down. The strategy is to attract major sales, and it is obvious that the company with the leading sales figures in the market, i.e. Samsung, will not take it lightly. It has launched a host of mobile phones to tackle this issue, the most prominent of them being the Samsung Galaxy S Duos 2, the successor to the well-appreciated Galaxy S Duos.

There is not much difference when it comes to display, with Moto E having a display of 4.3 “compared to Samsung’s 4”. The hardware opted by Moto E is the super fast 1.2 GHz dual core Snapdragon 200, while S Duos 2 has a dual core, Cortex A-9 CPU, with 768 MB of RAM. The Moto E sneaks ahead with a faster performance, due to its higher RAM capacity of 1 GB. 

Operating systems are another feature that determines the overall feel of operating a phone. Moto E has opted for a smart choice with the Android 4.4 KitKat, which is fast and suitable for multi-tasking. Samsung has gone for its trusted Android 4.2.2 Jelly Bean, which is a pretty regular OS in itself, but when combined with Samsung’s Touch Wiz interface, becomes the thing to beat. The Duos 2 performs much faster and can handle many apps working simultaneously in an efficient manner. 

Well, the Motorola guys wished to offer an awesome phone in an obscenely pocket-friendly amount. So, something had to bear the brunt of this cost-cutting exercise. Sadly, this time it was the Moto E’s camera. It has a pretty regular snapper with a 5MP camera that gives you the same image quality as the Moto G launched earlier, which is not worth bragging about. Added to that, the decision to not have a LED flash, in these selfie-obsessed times and parties going late into the night, is catastrophic to say the least. The Samsung Galaxy Duos 2 on the other hand, has a VGA secondary camera equipped with LED flash, along with a regular 5 MP camera. The image quality is god, even during night time shooting.
Apart from the 4GB internal storage, the Moto E offers expansion up to 32 GB,while the Duos 2 offers till 64 GB.The 1980 mAh Lithium-ion unit of Moto E promises to keep the phone alive for 24 hours of normal usage. The Galaxy S Duos 2’s 1500 mAh battery offering a stand by time of 280 hours and talk time of 8 hours sums up the comparison. 

Both the phones prove to be user-friendly and aim to enhance the operating experience of the buyer. Though the buyers have the final verdict, but one thing is for sure, it is going to be an interesting battle!

About The Author:
This article has written by Shalini Dixit. She is an writer and loves to write about technology and gadgets stuff.

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