5 Examples of Awesome Guerrilla Marketing

As consumers become more and more savvy to advertising ploys, companies are looking to find different ways to capture the attention of potential buyers. Guerrilla marketing tactics are nothing new, but they have become the go-to tactic for advertising agencies as they struggle to keep up with finicky attention spans.
At Fueled, we’ve been keeping an eye out for the most amazing examples of guerrilla marketing as a way to keep up with trends and improve upon our own marketing ideas.

Below are five exceptional examples of making the most of advertising dollars.
Guerrilla Marketing At Its Best.

1.  Coca Cola and the ATM Machine – Coco Cola have become well known for their product promotion and guerrilla marketing tactics over the years. In fact, they can be considered pioneers of the practice. They’ve been coming up with crazy ads in every medium for years and will probably continue to do so with future campaigns.

In 2012, they released a campaign in Spain that revolved around an ATM machine. It dispensed €100 for free as long as the receiver shared the money in some form with someone else, the implication being that Coca Cola spreads happiness the same exact way. By showing that they give back to communities, Coca Cola is inviting customers to contribute to their do-gooder movement by purchasing their products. You can check the campaign out here.

2.   Lipton Ice Tea and the Floating Vending Machine – To promote their “Never Lose Your Cool” campaign, Lipton forayed into experiential marketing by designing the world’s first water float vending machine. Going one step further, they released information via their Facebook page prior to the launch of the machine, engaging fans and using the data gained from Facebook Insights to further hone their campaign. 

Having customers interact with an ad rather than just experience it visually is still a novelty. But with the success of Lipton’s campaign, we think more brands will stray into this arena. Courtesy of Cape Town, you can see the floating vending machine in action here.

3.  Japanese Retailer United Arrow – This savvy retailer did nothing less than expected from a Japanese company. In their largest store in Tokyo, United Arrow connected a Microsoft Kinect to 16 wires that were simultaneously attached to mannequins to create Marionettebots. Shoppers and passersby could then make the mannequins mimic their movements if they stood directly in front of them. 

The campaign was incredibly successful, with large crowds of people spending hours in front of the retail store making the Marionettebots move. People in Tokyo will undoubtedly be talking about this for quite awhile. Other brands may follow suit in the future. You can see some of the action here.

4.  Fake M&Ms Gangnam Style in Paris – Countless brands tried to ride the wave of popular Korean pop song “Gangnam Style” in hopes of attracting more business. Students at the Inseec Business School in Paris incorporated the song seamlessly into their guerilla marketing campaign project. Five students from the Innovation Marketing course dressed up as M&M characters and roamed around the streets of Paris, interacting and fooling around with people. They danced to Gangnam Style and made hundreds of people do it with them. You can see a little snippet of the dancing here.

5.  Heineken and The Negotiation – Coca Cola isn’t the only beverage company that excels when it comes to guerrilla marketing tactics. Last year, Heineken decided to target football, soccer for Americans, fanatics by offering men a chance to watch the Champions League final live. But there was a catch; they had to convince their female partners to purchase two stadium seats that were nothing special at a ridiculously high price without mentioning the tickets. Reactions ranged from ludicrous to downright hysterical. See some of the outcomes here.

Target audiences are difficult to cater to but if there’s anything to learn from the guerrilla marketing campaigns above, it’s that doing something different and noteworthy will surely garner positive attention. It never hurts to go viral either.

About The Author:
This article has written By Ilan Nass the Editors at Fueled. We develop iPhone and Android apps.

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