Top 10 Must Have Apps For Your Google Chrome Browser

Top 10 Must Have Apps For Your Google Chrome Browser. Google Chrome is a little more advanced than people think, and this does not make it better, it just makes it different. IE is perfect for any of your browsing needs. If you are a web designer or work on the Internet then you may like the Google Chrome browser because it has plugins (apps) in the same way that the Firefox browser does. Her are ten great plugins that you may enjoy if you have the Google Chrome browser. All on the list do different things and therefore the list is in no particular order.

1. AddThis Share & Bookmark
This is an extension that is integrated with Twitter and Facebook and allows you to share your most recent bookmarks with other people you know (or don’t know). Though it does have other services attached to it such as Instapaper and Gmail (as you may imagine). It helps you share interesting web pages with other people and allows them to share pages back with you.

2. Google Calendar 
It is an organizer extension that will alert you as to things you have programmed into it. It allows you to look at up and coming events in your calendar and will prompt you on events from certain web pages. Facebook is known for telling you when your friends’ birthdays have arrived or are up and coming and you can add those events to your calendar as they will occur again in a year’s time. 

3. Rapportive 
This extension pulls information from popular social media networks and puts things in a panel on the right of your screen. It is good for filling with your contacts from social media and your email so you may click a contact and send a message as you please. It may also add in data to the panel beside the contacts you may have. 

4. Click&Clean 
This does what your computer will do anyway which is delete your browser history or remove domain based tabs. It also allows you to view or watch cached files and edit your privacy settings as and when you need. It also has a task manager in it too. Your computer will allow you to set these sorts of things anyway but the Chrome extension makes it a quicker process if Chrome is your primary use web browser.

5. Awesome Screenshot 
This is a tool to take screenshots and add in annotations and such. It will also take shots of web pages which is handy because it doesn’t shoot things around your web browser in the same way your computer screenshot does. If you have the Windows operating system then it is quicker to take web page shots unless you are using the shortcut method with Windows 8.

6. Google Dictionary 
This is a convenience tool because you can double click on a word of which you do not know the meaning and it will come up with a definition for you. It is a lot faster than looking up the word on the Internet. 

7. Extensions Manager 
This is an extension to help you manage your extensions. The Google Chrome web browser does have its own manager but it is easier and quicker with this extension as you can enable and disable quickly and with just one click. It also shows you outdated extensions too and is simply more convenient than what the Google Chrome web browser has at the moment. 

8. Readability 
This is a popular tool because it hides adverts and removes things from the screen that are put there by off-site advertisers including things that pop up if your mouse pointer hovers over them. You do not need an account but if you do sign up for an account then you can save pages to be read later and you can send pages or articles to your Kindle e-reader so you may read them later on there. 

9. Download Master 
This helps you filter your downloads through using keywords alone. It is not a downloader as that is taken care of by the Google Chrome web browser, but managing where they are and where they go is done with this.

10. Buffer for Chrome 
This is a social media post scheduling tool that allows you to preprogram when a tweet is sent out. Buffer is a program on its own but it has an extension on Google Chrome which allows you to build a list of tweets to be sent out at times you think are the most appropriate (and all from the comfort of your web browser).

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