Pro And Cons Of Twitter Photo Tagging Feature

Pro And Cons Of Twitter Photo Tagging Feature. Twitter added photo tagging feature and allows you to tag anyone in twitter photos. You can tag up to 10 users in a photo. 

First photo tagging option was founded by Facebook. But after some time the user gets trouble due to unwilled photo tagging. After that Facebook has given option in Security tab to review posts friends tag you in before they appear on your timeline to edit to On or Off. But in Twitter interaction is between followers not their friends.

What are the Pros Of Twitter Photo Tagging Feature ?
Tagging option doesn't count 140 characters message in twitter. Also you can add upto four images together into a single tweet. But the feature is available only for iPhone. Twitter said that this feature will also come soon in Android app and Twitter website too. Photo tagging with Multiple photos will also display in embedded Tweets.

What are the Cons of Twitter Photo Tagging ? 
There is a difference between Tag and mentions. Tag appears on photos in tweet whereas mentions can appear in any type of Tweet. Anyone can tag and you get noticed by notification. If you follow the person who tagged you then tweet will also mention in your timeline.

Twitter is giving option to choose this tagging feature
  1. Click on the gear icon on the top right in your account
  2. Click Settings
  3. Click Privacy and Security
  4. Under Privacy you can choose to restrict your photo tagging setting

If your tweets are protected then only your approval followers can see your photos. You can set privacy settings according to your precedence.

Source: Twitter

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