LibraryThing Starts Applying Secure Socket Layer (SSL)

LibraryThing starts applying SSL. A Social catalog web application – LibraryThing has now moved from HTTP to HTTPS. Yes, LibraryThing has added SSL to its entire website pages, which means users, will have complete security on signing in, signing up, requesting for password change pages. LibraryThing is an online service that provides people to store and share their books. During this uncertain hacking world, this is great move by an online Library.

Tim Spalding created LibraryThing, currently the online cataloging website is holding more than 1700K book lovers, and the books are available in more than 50+ various languages. Members can add reviews, ratings, tags for a book as well can take part in member forum. LibraryThing connects readers on the base of book they select.

The company has moved all URLs on a secure connection to avert confusion of mixed content. Currently, and all of its sub domains like (Danish), (Brazilian Portuguese) are covered by SSL certificate. However, (Germany) and (Holland) are not covered under SSL certificate.
By moving to SSL, users will never face browser warnings and users will be compelled to use HTTPS instead of HTTP.
In the current time, user’s confidential information is at risk over the web. It is duty of organizations to look after their privacy and SSL is a preferable solution for it. SSL secures data that transmits from browser to the server. SSL also help to enhance confidence of customers, which would give safe environment to its users and clients. LibraryThing has added Comodo SSL on its website, which is believed one of the most trusted and recognized certificate authority in web security world.

About The Author:
This article has written by Jason Parms and he is working as Marketing Manager at SSL2BUY Inc.

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