Yandex Has Announced To Partnership With Facebook

Yandex Has Announced To Partnership With Facebook. Now Facebook can access full public data of Yandex 'Firehose' and Yandex can search people and company pages on Facebook.  it can also search for content marked “Public” from users in Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Kazakhstan and Turkey. Of course, anything users mark as “Private” will remain off-limits.  
Facebook posts will appear on Yandex search engine. Yandex is already working with Twitter in such a way. Where New tweets has become available in Yandex's Blog Search results in a matter of moments. Yandex is a Russian Internet company which operates the largest search engine in Russian market. It also develops a number of Internet-based services and products.

Press Release:
January 14, 2014, Facebook ‘Firehose’ Comes to Yandex
Yandex has announced a partnership agreement with Facebook, giving Yandex full access to the social network’s “firehose” of public data. As of today, public content from Facebook users in Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Kazakhstan, other CIS countries and Turkey will be available for indexing by Yandex as soon as it has been published.

The agreement only covers data from Facebook users in the above countries, published under “Public” privacy settings. Users can find out what those on the social network are saying about the current headline news events, for example, or the latest movies. In the near future, Yandex’s search results will display not only Facebook users’ posts but also others’ comments on them. Profiles and posts that Facebook users mark “Private” will not be searchable.

Yandex will use data from Facebook’s public firehose feed to improve the quality of its search results. Where appropriate, Yandex’s search results will incorporate articles and videos that have had particular resonance on the social network. The popularity of materials on Facebook will be taken into consideration when ranking search results.

Source: Yandex 

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