Toyoto FV2 Concept Car Can Read Driver Emotions

Toyoto FV2 Concept Car Can Read your Emotions. Toyota thhe Japanese company will unveil FV2 at next Tokyo Motor show. This motor car recognize driver mood uses voice and facial expression.

According to dailymail, Toyota said it also uses intelligent transport system technology to connect with other vehicles nearby and highway infrastructure to capture safety information, such as giving advance warning of vehicles in blind spots or at junctions. 

Its Length 3,000mm, Width 1,600mm, Height 990mm(sleep mode)1,780mm(driving mode) and Wheelbase 2,360mm. 

The Toyota FV2 is a concept car that can express Toyota’s “Fun to Drive” philosophy even in a future world in which vehicle technology has greatly progressed. The vehicle enhances the driving experience by connecting physically and emotionally with the driver, becoming more fun to drive the more it is used, said Toyota.

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