YouTube Announced Their First Music Award On 3rd November

YouTube Announced Their First Music Award On 3rd November. Like Eminem, Lady Gaga, and Arcade Fire? Announcing the first-ever YouTube Music Awards in New York on Sunday 3rd November. This show hosting by actor Jason Schwartzman. Show will be live streamed on YouTube. Its created by YouTube and Spike Jonze and presented by Kia.

Youtube Blog said, "On October 17, YouTube Music Awards Nominations will be announced based on the videos that you watched and shared over the past year. We’ll then call on you to determine the songs and artists honored, by sharing the nominees across social media so the awards are judged in full view of everyone.
There will be a whole lot more music to enjoy on YouTube around the Music Awards. In the days leading up to the November 3 event, nominees will share official music videos, covers, parodies, concerts, interviews and fan videos on YouTube--so you can stay in the loop, find your faves and discover new music you didn’t even know you loved! Stay tuned for lots more info, and get ready for a nonstop week of music on YouTube."


Source: YouTube Blog

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