The Top 5 Best Apps For iPads: Music

It is hard to figure out which apps are best for making or producing music via the iPad. This is because things such as photo editors are often judged by how limiting they are, and even though music making and production apps may also be limiting, it is easier to make the most of them. It is a little bit like trying to judge the best paint brushes. You can see which paint brushes are of a high and low quality, and yet put either in the hands of a good artist and they will still create a masterpiece. The same reason figures into picking a good music making and production app. Sure, there are some bad ones out there, but put it in the hands of a talented music maker and it may still be great.

1 - FL Studio HD
This is available for both the iPad and the iPhone; however, they both have different versions. The iPad version has the most features and options available on it. You are given a wide range of instruments to play with on the app. There is also an audio recording function and audio editing function. There is an MIDI out function that allows you to trigger external kits, as well as plenty of other usable features on the app.
It is possible to connect compatible instruments with it so that you can record your compositions onto your iPad, and then alter and edit them within the app. It has features that allow you to change most of the musical factors of the audio tracks you enter into it, from bass to play speed. 

2 - Yamaha TNR-i 
This is a good app to use if you want to record music from your Yamaha devices to your tablet. It is a sequencing program that has a 16x16 grid that is full of lights. You press one of the lights in order to trigger a sound or a sound cycle. You can play sixteen sounds at a time if you wish. You may also trigger different lights at different times and save the score that you create. This makes creating new compositions very easy.
Or, you can use it as a sequencer and editor for the music that you have stored on your iPad. Tenori-ON hardware comes in very useful with this app, and there is room for beginners and more advanced music makers.

3 - Nanostudio
This is an app that works on both the iPad and the iPhone. It allows you to sequence your audio tracks, to record audio and edit it, and to program a musical score. It allows you to use and add in six instruments. These may be played on top of each other if you wish, and you may also add up to sixteen other instruments into the medley if you wish.
There is a triggering pad that you can play with, and you can use the pattern sequencer for putting your samples all together. You can use the mic to add more samples of music if you like, or you can load music from your mobile device itself. 

4 - Propellerhead Figure 
This is a very cheap to buy app that gives you a number of selections that allows you to compose tracks. You may draw patterns and vary your sound as per your liking. It gives you a set of very simple tools and control methods to play around with your sound. You may also use the app to store your music onto the cloud if you wish. The app may be simple and may have limited functions, but it is the cheapest app on this list by far, costing just over a dollar. So, it is hard to complain about it when you consider how well it does its job.

5 - iSequence HD
This is a clever idea that has tried to put all of the music making functions you need into one app. It has an 8-track sequencer that you can use to put together your music. It also comes with the use of 160 instruments. You may alternate, change and warp the sounds that you load and sequence, and you may use, add, and remove sounds and instruments from your composition. The app has a very clean and easy to use interface, and it is easy to see how each element and function on the app works. It does take a little bit of getting used to, and some elements may be a bit difficult to figure out. But, on the whole, this is a very well made app.

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