Highly Recommended iPad Apps For Business Owners

Highly recommended iPad apps for business owners There are a lot of iPad apps on the market, so choosing the right one for your business may be difficult. That is why this list was compiled, so that you may get an idea for what is on the market and what is available to you. Even if you do not go for the apps on this list, you may still use the premise of the app as inspiration for your search.

Analytics HD With this app you may check your Google Analytics on your iPad. It makes checking your stats a lot easier, and means you do not have to log into your Google webmasters tools when you get home to your PC. This one is more robust than the free version. 

Desktop Connect / RDP Lite This app only works if you use Windows 7, Vista or XP Professional. It allows you to connect your desktop computer to your iPad. You can even use Adobe Flash on your iPad too. 

Dictionary.com This is more of a convenience tool. You turn it on to look up a word, either how to spell it or how to use it. It is handy if you often come up with great things to write or say, but you want to check to see if you are saying it in the right context.

Documents ToGo You can get the office suite for less than ten dollars or the premium version if you want a little more. It is basically an app that allows you to open and use a wider number of documents on your iPad. Some people have likened it to having more Microsoft products on your iPad. 

Dragon Dictation This is an app that you can use to record your booming voice and then save it on your iPad. It will also have a go at translating your voice into text, although like most of its kind, the process is a little hit and miss. You can dictate for translation onto emails, or social media networks and other such platforms.

DropBox This is a commonly used cloud app that allows you to put your files onto cloud servers. They may then be accessed by other devices and in other locations (so long as there is an Internet connection). As the introduction said, you may like to use each app premise as a guide for your app search. DropBox is certainly a popular app, but there are lots of others that are similar to this app on the iTunes market. 

PlainText This is just a plain document and file creation app. It is actually handy if you want to copy and paste text from one place to multiple places without the formatting and fonts getting in the way. 

Ego This is an app that allows you to manage other accounts from the comfort of one app. The accounts are all business related, such as Mint, Feedburner and Google Analytics. There is also another version that is just a finance app. 

Facebook and Twitter There are a lot of apps that will manage your social media accounts from the same platform, but do not forget that most of the bigger social media networks also have their own app. For example, Twitter has its own app, and Facebook has more than one app. 

Fax Print & Share for iPad This app allows you to send a written message called a fax. It is a communication thing that was invented shortly after Morse code. With this app you may send them and print them. People in other countries (such as third world countries) may still use fax machines, in which case this app would be useful. 

FileViewer XL This app is able to open a range of file types. It is a bit of a hit and miss app, because it is handy to be able to open up some files that you could not otherwise, but it has a habit of making them look ugly sometimes (e.g. poorly formatted). It is not able to open lots and lots of file types, but few apps of this ilk are.

Free Conference Call As the name suggests, you are able to make and manage conference calls with this app. There are other apps like this one on the market, with others allowing you split screens and fancier functions. But, this app is free, so it is hard to complain about it.

FTP on the Go This is an app that has a basic or pro setting (charged accordingly), and it allows you an FTP function. FTP is used to update websites, so if you did not use a website builder and would like to update your website, then try this app. 

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