Evernote Introduced Two Step Verification For Security

Evernote Introduced Two Step Verification. Evernote has updated their security as introduced two step authentications its just adds an additional layer of security to the login process, requiring you to enter a unique code from your phone, in addition to your regular username and password. 

In March 2014, Evernote was hacked and forces millions of users to reset their passwords. After a security breach, Evernote announced it would roll out two-factor authentication.

Setting up two-step verification is straightforward. Just follow the steps in the Security section of Evernote Web. Free users will be required to install an authenticator app on their phones. We recommend Google Authenticator. Premium users can choose to have the code delivered as a text message.

Two step verification adds an extra layer of protection to your account.

Source: Evernote

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