#LIVE Blog Update About Apple iPhone 5S, iOS 7 Event

--> Event has finished now..
-->iOS 7 available for download on 18th Sept, Wednesday.
--> iPhone 5S / 5C pre-orders start by Friday.
--> Musical guest has come
--> New ad for iPhones are playing.
--> "We don't just pack in feature after feature, "Cook says.
--> 16GB for $199, 32Gb for $299, 64Gb for $399
--> iPhone 5S starts at $199
--> Touch ID capacitive sensor, 170 microns thin, 550ppi resolution, Scans sub-epidermal skin layers, 360 degree readability
--> Talking about Fingerprint Sensor of new iPhone
--> Two LED flash, Auto exposure, including better white balance, autofocus, etc.
--> Bigger picture=better picture 1.5 µpixels
--> New sensor, 2.2 aperture, 15 percent larger active sensor area
--> Epic Games of Infinity Blade 3 trailer shown.
--> Graphics are 2x as fast too..
--> iPhone 5S is 64 bit desktop class architecture
--> Over 1 billion transistors
--> Green, White, Blue, Pink, Yellow
--> iPhone 5c is colorful available in 5 colors cases
--> iWork apps are freee with any new iOs device
--> Tim cook is talking about iWork.

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