Improve Your Digital Life : Shuffle Data Between Cloud Storage Platforms

Mover is here. We aren't talking about moving your physical stuffs, but moving you digital and virtual stuffs. In this digital generation, people want their data to secure and be with them anywhere and everywhere. As a result, usage of cloud services such as Dropbox, Google Drive, SkyDrive and iCloud is pretty common nowadays. People use them to get instant access to their files on the go on a huge extent.

But here comes an issue. Ever thought to transfer your stuffs from one cloud service to another? Or thought of migrating from one cloud service to another?

About Mover

Mover was created to streamline the process of transferring your data to the cloud. Mover's philosophy is to stand for freedom. To make your data even more portable than ever. According to them, Gone are the days of being locked into the walled garden that are huge siloed file storage systems. Working on the concept of migration and backups, Mover is completely secure and SaaS.

The concept of portability is rapidly evolving and Mover is the catalyst spurring it on.

For whom is this useful?

As the name suggest, Mover is a service to move your data between different cloud services. The biggest usage of Mover is to shuffle data between different cloud storage platforms. Using Mover, users can very easily transfer their files and other data from one cloud service to another cloud service without much efforts. Not only transferring data is possible, but users can completely migrate from one cloud service to another if they are not satisfied with the service provided by their initial cloud service provider. This service is also useful for users who want to backup their data on a different cloud service to be more secure. Not to end the list, with Mover, users can also schedule their transfers. So Mover will transfer your data whenever you want it to be. And of course they are going to notify you when its done.

This service provides you with connectors, through which the transfer is possible. This service shifts your data through FTP and displays all the information on the screen.

How to transfer your data?

Initiate the process of transferring your data by going onto the below address.

If you are an existing user, simply sign in; and if you aren't, sign up for the service for free.
This service which is initially free of cost, will be chargeable after the free 10GB stock. The charge presently is $1 per GB and user have to purchase minimum of 10GB if they go for paid service.

So now, it's easy to Move On.

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