Top 10 Gadgets That Can Help You To Save Money

Top 10 Gadgets That Can Help You To Save Money. Here are ten electronic devices that are going to save you money in the long run. Like most money saving devices, they are often more expensive to buy at first, but then pay for themselves over time as you save more and more money. They are also handy for the fact that they save you money where you were hemorrhaging it before. If you had known that an energy efficient kettle existed, then you probably would not have bought the power sucking device you have right now. Here are ten electronic devices that you can buy and save money as a result.

1 - A solar powered pond pump:
You can use this device indoors and outdoors, which is a great way of saving money on something you normally simply have to accept that you pay for. The solar powered pump is a new thing, and it is not very expensive to buy (although you do have to buy them from Chinese merchants, who is feeding the dragon). Still, you cannot fault the fact that you no longer have to pay to power your aquarium or outdoor pond.

2 - A slow cooker: 
They are good because they only expend a small amount of energy and yet are able to thoroughly cook food. The only down side is that they take so long, but due to the fact that they seal in all of the flavors and nutrients, it is hard to complain about them. They are easy to clean and are reliable so you can set it on low in a morning and by tea time your food will be nicely cooked and ready to eat. That also includes when you cook meat too.

3 - A battery recharger (there are solar powered ones too):

Instead of wasting money buying new batteries all the time, you can buy rechargeable ones and a battery recharger and keep using the same batteries over and over. Not only does this help to save energy and help stop filling landfills, it also means that you have batteries whenever you need them because you just recharge them up again. If you don’t like the idea of paying to charge them, then you can use a solar powered recharger instead.

4 - The Eco Kettle: 
This is a device that boils water without costing you a small fortune. It is good because kettles are one of the most inefficient devices in your house, second to your fridge. Which is why an eco kettle is going to help save you a lot of money over a period of several months. You can even buy one-cup kettles that will help you save energy and water too, which is also going to save you money in the long run.

5 - Solar powered garden lights: 
These are everywhere and you can even find them in 99c stores and discount stores. They have a small solar panel on the top and a small battery inside. It charges the battery during the day and then turns the light on when night time comes. They are a great way of illuminating your garden without having to spend any money on energy.

6 - An 8W oil-tube space heater:

These are a fairly new product that is based on a very old idea. It is a tube full of oil that is heated up with an electric element. The element only runs on a small wattage such as 8W, but makes the bar very hot.

All you need to do is place it in a safe place in your house and it will slowly heat the room so long as there is no air movement. If you put it on a timer then you can have it start about 3 hours before you go to bed, and carry on for 3 hours after you go to sleep. This will help to take the cold air sting out of your bedroom. Do not put it in bed with you as it will cause a fire and will certainly scald you.

7 - A hybrid car or a Smart Car:
A hybrid car runs on electricity and gas and is great for saving you money on your fuel bills. It can dramatically cut your fuel bills if you compare it to a regular car. If you still feel that you need a petrol car, then the ultra-safe Smart Car is the one for you. Not only does it get a massive 34 miles to the gallon, it is also safer than a Volvo thanks to its unique design and body components.

8 - Programmable power strips: 
If you use the heating system suggested above then it is a good idea to buy programmable strips for your house. They will turn the power on and off at whatever times you dictate that they should. They are good for making sure that the TV is not on standby when you go to bed, or for turning off outside lights after everyone has come home from work.

9 - An eco energy rated washing machine:
A poorly made washing machine can drink down your energy and cost you a fortune without you realizing it. You need to make sure you buy an eco friendly machine that has a very high efficiency rating. The highest ratings are often the most expensive, but that is because the manufacturers know you are going to save a fortune on your energy bills.

10 - A solar powered shed strip-light:
Do not put lights into your shed. Instead you should use a solar powered strip light. You place the panel on your shed roof and it keeps the battery topped up. When you go in your shed you flick the switch and your light comes on. Some of them have bigger batteries and bigger lights so that you can have more light for longer. They are far better than wiring up your shed with electronics, plus, you can buy more than one if you want to flood your shed with light.

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