Nikon Coolpix A Vs Sony DSC-RX100 Review

The compact or point and shoot camera market is crowded with many models with varied offerings. Most point and shoot cameras are designed for ease of use and have automatic exposure options and focus free lenses. Many cameras now promise SLR quality images with automatic settings and Nikon Coolpix A as well as Sony DSC RX100 are two such cameras that have become considerably popular in recent times. Here is an analysis of Nikon Coolpix A vs Sony DSC-RX100.

Size and design
Both Nikon Coolpix A as well as Sony DSC-RX 100 has a compact and stylish design. However, the Nikon Coolpix A has more of a retro look to it. The Sony DSC-RX 100 is lighter compared to the Nikon Coolpix A. Both can be easily stored or kept in the pocket and so can be ideally used during travels.

Image sensor and f/stop
The Sony DSC-RX100 camera possesses a 20.2 megapixel sensor while the Nikon Coolpix A has a 16 megapixel sensor. The Nikon Coolpix A has a significantly large image sensor. With larger image sensor more light can be used and this in turn translates into better image capturing and greater detailing. However, Sony DSC-RX100 compensates with the f1.8 lens compared to the f2.8 lens of the Nikon Coolpix A. With a faster lens Sony DSC-RX100 promises greater versatility.  A huge advantage with the Sony DSC-RX100 camera is that it has image stabilization feature. This ensures that blur caused by movements of camera can be entirely avoided or minimized.

Autofocus and Color Accuracy
The Sony DSC-RX100 has an exceptional autofocus and capturing back to back images is a breeze with the camera. Nikon on the other hand may miss a few shots, particularly in case of low light conditions. Nikon Coolpix A provides accurate and improved representation of colors compared to the Sony camera.

Display and Image quality
While both cameras tend to deliver similar results in low light conditions, Sony DSC-RX 100 has a definite edge due to its fast AF and lens. The detailing with Nikon is far better and there is lower noise at higher ISO in case of Nikon. Both cameras deliver equal results in adequately lit situations with presentation of sharp images and great color reproduction. Both cameras have a 3inch view screen. However, Sony DSC-RX100 has a 1229k dots resolution screen while the Nikon Coolpix A has a 921k dot resolution screen. A higher resolution screen ultimately allows the user to see greater details on screen and this in turn helps in accurate focus and image capture.

Here are some images captured by Sony DSC RX 100

Figure 2: Picture of a Rabbit taken by the Sony DSC RX 100

Here are some images taken by Nikon Coolpix A

Figure 3: Picture of a flower taken from Nikon Coolpix A

Battery and other features
The Sony DSC-RX100 boasts of higher battery life compared to the Nikon Coolpix A camera. Users can capture up to 330 shots with the Sony camera while the Nikon can deliver up to 230 shots. The Nikon Coolpix A has a hot shoe connector and both have HDMI port and support RAW capture. Sony has a panorama image capture feature while Nikon does not have this feature. Both cameras have easy to access and use manual controls.

While Nikon Coolpix A may have a slight edge in terms of image quality, Sony DSC-RX100 more than makes up for this with a fast shoot/focus and zoom features. Sony DSC-RX100 is priced lower compared to the Nikon Coolpix A camera. Both cameras deliver gorgeous images and are amongst the best point and shoot cameras currently in the market. You can find the best price for Nikon Coolpix A and the best price for Sony DSC RX 100 at Shoppingwish.

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