New Way To Hack Google Glass By Malicious QR Code

New Way To Hack Google Glass By Malicious QR Code. Its intercept data from Google Glass and control on the whole device. Now this issue fixed was by Google developer team. Lookout researcher was disclosed this vulnerability. 
What was the vulnerability? 
Google glass take a picture of a QR code but the code is malicious and force glass to silently connect to a Wi-Fi access point, controlled by the attacker. The attacker sees the Glass wearer has connected, Now the attacker can monitor connections made by Glass and images uploaded. The attacker is able to send a web vulnerability to Glass allowing remote control from the web.
Fixed now: Lookout followed responsible to disclosure practices and notified to Google about vulnerability. Google clearly worked quickly to fix the vulnerability as the issue was fixed by version XE6. Lookout recommended that Google limit QR code execution to points where the user has solicited it. Google's changes reflected this recommendation. 


Source: Lookout

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