5 Apps That Bring Out Your Inner Child

Today, there are apps for health, productivity, and even locking your car door. However, there seems to be a gap in the App Store’s categories where nostalgia should be; apps that bring you back to a place of carefree comfort. Since we’re already escaping the adult world by indulging ourselves in games that a monkey could maneuver, it only seems right to tell you about our favorite nostalgia-generating apps.

Here are five of our favorites:

Oh, the newly belovèd Candy Crush. With it’s technicolor display and “match three” tactics, some might compare it to
Bejeweled. But this game includes a simple and fun child-esque storyline which follows the main character Tiffi, a blonde girl with pigtails, through a candy land of (currently) 410 levels. Players start off with five lives and gain a life every half hour to keep the addicts coming back for more-- a familiar childish feeling.

We recall being five years old and using our sticker collections to decorate everywhere and anywhere. But since when has it become acceptable for grown adults to want to paste cats with laser beams shooting out of their eyes onto normal family photos? Since CatPaint-- because this app does exactly that. It brings the youthful love of random sticker placing and the internet cat craze together in a mesh that will make you think, “What am I doing?” and then continue on with your marvelous creation.

Another game that we clearly remember playing until the sun came up was The Sims. The ability to play god is just as entertaining as when we were juveniles and apparently, it will never stop. Why live your own boring life when you can sit around and live through a virtual one? No taking out the garbage, no piles of laundry to do. Now that you have a family and responsibilities of your own, and finally know what adulthood entails, the main priority is to escape. Now that it’s available on a mobile device you never have to live in the now and just live in The Sims.

Apparently you’re never too old to want to take a selfie next to a rainbow-colored unicorn, and we’re more than okay with that. Known for her fun and colorful images that inspired a generation of makeup, backpacks, and stickers that can still be found stuck under the desk of a third grade classroom, Lisa Frank’s app allows you to take a photo and paste in any of your favorite signature characters. You now have to opportunity to stick that overly-excited, overall-wearing bear anywhere you would like to in the snapshot of your living room or that unforgiving photo of yourself.

PAC-MAN, Monopoly, Galaga, etc.
Games like these literally bring its players (especially the older crowd) back to a time when wandering to the nearby arcade to spend all of your quarters on endless rounds of these classic games. Now that they’ve moved to the app world, everyone is able to enjoy these games all over again but in a different contemporary fashion without digging for change.

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