What Are The Top Brands Saying About Social Media?

Social media has much changed the nature of their business that affect most profoundly their customer base, and the nature of the conversation.

Haphazard social media mention
Top companies take pains to organize the social media mentions of their and give each one a logical place. For example, it can be categorized to requests for technical support; a sales lead, customer management, compliments and praises, suggestions from consumers, and use of fraudulent or pirated versions of their products.
Thus these random conversations can be simplified, and prioritized in a professional and gainful manner.

The power of the brand ambassadors
People follow these brand ambassadors with much zeal, and these can be used to turn a massive presence on social media to a community galvanized in sharing the brand, thus harnessing the power of the brand ambassadors to spread a message about the brand to others. You have to engage those who already adore and love your brand, and then empower them to put forth their opinions on the social media and serve as your ambassadors. 

Even negativity could be useful Major companies take the opportunity of listening to what’s being said about the brand solely so as to be able to bring back customers who have had a frustrating experience with the product and are deeply dissatisfied.
Say for example, a customer leaves a negative comment about your product on their tweet, if you follow the hashtag, you could assign them to customer management, and get them to a person who could help with their problem and get back to them soon. 

Addressing complaints is very important
Addressing complaints as pointed out above would build a positive image and enable a consumer not only to purchase the product without any hesitation, but also leave a positive review about the brand on his/her social. In this ways companies embrace negativity and turn it into a positive outcome. 

The need for feedback
Using the collective interests of the users, you can improve your product so if you are about to bring together a whole new product line or putting in your resources a new venture, you can put the information out on the social media and then gauge the response of the consumers in order to determine the consumer climate at the time of the launch, and whether the product would be positively received. 
You can add better features, or remove some based on the judgment and opinions of the consumers online, because after all they are the ones who have to receive our product, thus giving you the opportunity to serve the consumers.

Trends in top companies:
These companies either have or are in the process of establishing social media command centers, so as to take up an active rather than a passive role in listening to their consumers, meeting their needs, creating fruitful opportunities for the company itself, and taking the lead in formulating consumer opinion and perspective that contribute to the brand image.

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