Introducing Worlds Largest Bus AutoTram Extra Grand

World’s largest bus carries 256 passengers. AutoTram® Extra Grand is developed by the Fraunhofer Institute for Traffic and Infrastructure Systems. Considered as the longest bus in the world, it is nearly 31 meters long, has four steering axles and can carry 256 passengers. Combining the capacity of a small train with the maneuverability of a bus, the vehicle runs mostly on electric power.

The AutoTram Extra Grand is is the longest bus in the world and is nearly 101ft long. As an intermediate public transport vehicle, it combines features of conventional buses and advantages of trams. Added advantages of trams like high transport capacity, driving comfort and the possibility of partial emission-free operation.

The multi-unit vehicle with rubber tires is more than 30 meters long and has a capacity of 256 passengers. It has been developed and constructed within the research program Innovative Regionale Wachstumskerne, which was initiated by the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF).

The AutoTram® technology is based on a vehicle concept developed by the Fraunhofer IVI, combining the advantages of rail and road-bound transport systems. So far, the concept had only been used for research purposes, but is now applied in practice. The innovative public transport vehicle has been developed in joint research with the Institute of Electrical Power Engineering, TU Dresden, and Wittur Electric Drive GmbH.

Wittur Electric Drive GmbH wwas in charge of developing the high efficient drive engines, as well as the Dresden-based M&P motion and control. Power electronics GmbH contributed power electronics, the vehicle computer and super capacitors.

AutoTram® costs $1.25 million (almost 6.2 Crore Rupees)

Source: Yahoo

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