Next Generation XBox One Unveiled

Next Generation XBox One Unveiled, matchmaking will pair you up with people as you watch TV and as you play games. It has also update with three operating systems in one that make up the Xbox One: Xbox OS, Kernal of Windows and a layering system that allows instant switching between the two programmes. Live blog from Microsoft Xbox One event. New Xbox Live details: "More powerful, more personal".


What's new
  1. Snap mode allows users to run two programmes at same time.
  2. New games added FIFA 14, NBA Live, UFC, Madden feel like real.
  3. Cloud powered
  4. Skype on your TV.
  5. Voice and facial recognition control Xbox One.
  6. Interactive music series launches ahead of Xbox
  7. 500GB HD out of the box
  8. Blu-ray drive, 
  9. 8 core CPU, 
  10. 8 GB System memory, 
  11. HDMI In/Out, 
  12. USB 3.0
  13. 8.2.11n Wireless with Wi-Fi direct

#Live Blog update are as follows:

"Team Xbox is on a new mission," Mattrick said. And that mission is focused on making this an entertainment console.

He said the goal is to build a system that lines up games, television and software and that the most important part is that it must be "simple, instant and complete."

"It is time for technology to step behind the curtain and you and your entertainment to take the stage," Mattrick said. 

He then announced that the new console will be called Xbox One.

Yusuf Medhi, senior vice president of Microsoft's interactive entertainment business, just unveiled how voice input can be used to control Xbox One. It will also respond to gesture controls. 

People using Skype on Xbox One will be able to do group chats now.

Xbox One Guide is a feature that makes it so you don't have to memorize television channel numbers, instead, just say what channel or show you want to watch. This feature were really good.

The new controller was created with game players, Whitten said. "This is your controller," he said. Xbox One will use more power than the entire world did in 1999.
Whitten moves on to explain the updates to Xbox Live, including a way to post bragging rights to the cloud: "A dedicated game DVR to capture and access your game-winning moments."

As from EA Sports, the launch of FIFA, Madden, NBA Live and UFC, which will be available  in next 12 months.

"Sports are as much about your head as your feet or your hands," says Microsoft.

Phil Spencer, corporate vice president of Microsoft Studios, is came on stage now and he talked about games. Games will be "more immersible,  more personal and more connected than ever before," says Spencer.

Forza Motorsport 5 announced for Xbox One.  

"Microsoft is investing more in studios around to world to create new and original IP for Xbox One." Microsoft Studios plans to launch 15 new games in the first year of Xbox One, including 8 brand new franchises. 

"Xbox Live is about to become the next water cooler," says Nancy Tellem, formerly of CBS and now head of Xbox TV studios.

The event has finished with a world premiere of Call of Duty: Ghosts. 

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