Iron Man 3 Game Available For iOS And Android

Iron Man 3 Game Now Available For iOS And Android. This game will feel you like real Iron Man. As last week Iron Man 3 movie was released. Now game developers bring Iron Man 3 game for us. This game is available for iOS and Android users. As complete various mission you also get 
18 different suits unlock. In game you also collect some coins by killing enemies and from these coins you can buy upgrades for the Iron man suits.


  • Fight against rising A.I.M. forces around the world during amazing runs.
  • Discover 3 different locations offering endless, self-generating levels: Malibu Shores, New York City and China.
  • Confront 4 epic villains from the Iron Man comics: Crimson Dynamo, Ezekiel Stane, Living Laser and the mighty M.O.D.O.K.
  • Complete various missions in fast-paced flying battles and epic one-on-one confrontations.
  • Unleash Iron Man's superpowers with amazingly responsive swipe controls.
  • Enjoy an outstanding 3D world with cutting-edge graphics and animations.

Iron Man 3 is free to download for iPhone , Android

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