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New Technology Turns Paper Into A Touchscreen Developed By Fujitsu

New Future Technology Turns Paper Into A Touchscreen Developed By Fujitsu. 
Fujitsu Laboratories Limited announced the development of next generation user interface technology that enables intuitive, fingertip operations. This new technology can accurately detect where the user's finger is and what it is touching, and uses off-the-shelf cameras and projectors. This technology uses the cameras together with a projector to enable a user to trace a finger across a document on a table, copy it as digital data, and display it.


  • Recognizing and converting coordinates of physical objects and ICT equipment.
  • Stabilization of finger recognition technology.
  • Accurate and rapid fingertip recognition technology.

"This system doesn't use any special hardware; it consists of just a device like an ordinary webcam, plus a commercial projector. Its capabilities are achieved by image processing technology, This system is designer not to react when you make ordinary motions on a table. It can be operated when you point with one finger. We aim to develop a commercial version of this system by fiscal 2014 " explains Taichi Murase, a researcher at Fujitsu's Media Service System Lab. 


Press Release

Source: Digi Info 

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